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Episode 52 - "Dance With The Dead" - Food on the Bed, Boobs in a Tree and the Hokey Cokey!

In Episode 51, S10 E01, a crazy dog lady, a crazy old lady, a crazy crash investigator and a crazy landlady all cause a lot of work for the police department. Who keeps food in their bed? Let’s do the Hokey Cokey because that’s what it’s all about!

Episode 51 - "Last Year's Model" - Embryonic Feelings, Edwarda, and The Jungle Room

In Episode 51, S09 E08, there’s a different kind of Midsomer. Barnaby and Jones, aided by a hippie and a feisty old lady, catch a killer with an airhorn! All this and a hot tub in The Jungle Room!

Mini-episode 07 - The Maniacs Speak!

A collection of your responses about Midsomer and the podcast!

Episode 50 - "Death in Chorus"- Misogynistic Shower Door & Soco Fox

What could go wrong at a small choir competition? Well, murder, infidelity, art forgery and a bare butt but this is Midsomer. Soco fox is on the case!

Episode 49 - "Country Matters" - Buttocks, Diving Suze and Fact!

In Episode 49, S09 E05, There are a lot of country matters going on in the village of Elverton! The cookery school, rural pursuits center and stables are all not what they seem! How does a jogging vicar fit in? All you have to do is keep the facts straight!

Episode 48 - "Four Funerals and a Wedding" - The Bonking Braintree from Burma!

In Episode 47, S09 E05, familial shenanigans cause ripple effects that last for years causing the death of an old lady in a big hat, a self-flagellating vicar and deacon that takes a dirt nap. How is this the fault of a teak salesman?

Episode 47 - "Down Among the Dead Men" - Belloq, Hugging Frogs, and a dinghy!

In Episode 47, S09 E04, A blackmailer meets a messy end but which of his victims killed the Dane? What does it have to do with hugging frogs? Will Culley ever have any friends? I don’t believe it! Chao!

Episode 46 - "Vixen’s Run" - Monstrous Vegetables, Green Eyes, and Salsa Dancing

In Episode 46, S09 E03, Sarah and Mark are growing monstrous vegetables with Teddy while watching “Vixen’s Run”. An agile killer causes a heart attack, burns a house down and shoots a hippo in a carp pond! With animal noises!

Episode 45 - "Dead Letters" - A Kangaroo, A Gorilla and La Bamba!

In Episode 45, S09 E02, Sarah and Mark are celebrating Oak Apple Week while watching “Dead Letters”. A parade that includes a kangaroo, a gorilla, middle-aged cheerleaders and La Bamba! Oh and a Killer!

Episode 44 - "The House in the Woods" - Mouse Screaming, Suspenseful Beating and Heart Jerky

In Episode 44, S09 E01, Sarah and Mark are realizing they have twin siblings while watching “A House In The Woods”. A killer with a motive that just does work is foiled by JONES!

Episode 43 - "Midsomer Rhapsody" - Brain-swapping Time Travelers

In Episode 43, S08 E03, Sarah and Mark are trying to catch a flying head while watching “Midsomer Rhapsody”. In an episode with indeterminate weather and too many characters heads are a poppin’!

Episode 42 - "Sauce for the Goose" - Dexter’s Midnight Thong!

In Episode 42, S08 E07, Sarah and Mark are eating plumber’s Relish while watching “Sauce for the Goose”. Dexter reveals a lot when he’s left in a bottle sterilizer. Sounds like the perfect time for a factory tour!

Episode 41 - "Hidden Depths" - Murder Poetry, Arts and Craft Killer and Shuddering Squirts of Agony!

In Episode 41, S08 E06, Sarah and Mark use a backyard catapult to show "Hidden Depths". An arts and crafts killer overcomes horrible coats and causes shuddering squirts of agony. Good times!

Episode 40 - "Second Sight" - Horse Brasses, FrankenMal and Deep-fried Brains!

In Episode 39, S08 E05, Sarah and Mark use “Second Sight” to know you’ll love this episode. FrankenMal saves the day, several times, but does he use alpha waves or the power of the electrical gods?

Episode 39 - "Bantling Boy" - Ginormous Knobs, Bloody Hooves and Killer Video Games

In Episode 39, S08 E04, Sarah and Mark make medieval weapons for “Bantling Boy”. A killer repeats himself four times because of a killer video game or maybe a horse? Do you have a Knole sofa at home?

Episode 38 - "Orchis Fatalis" - Knickers, Passports and Mouse Pee!

In Episode 36, S08 E03, Sarah and Mark are looking for rare orchids for “Orchis Fatalis”. Travel agents, fancy knickers and Apocalypse! Graduate School sure is different in Midsomer!

Episode 37 - "Dead in the Water" -"Dead In The Water" - A Rat Boat, A Sweet Man and Lobsters!

In Episode 36, S08 E02, Sarah and Mark are rowing at a regatta for "Dead In The Water". No one knows what day it is or why a Sweet Man was killed but they enjoy rowing and lobster thermidor!

Episode 36 - "Things That Go Bump in the Night" - Ronald’s Saggy Jumblies and Fist Eating!

In Episode 36, S08 E01, Sarah and Mark are riding around in a steam engine for "Things That Go Bump in the Night". A mortician, a friend of Joyce and a handyman are killed all in the same way. The murder must be crazy or stupid or both!

Mini-episode 06 - #otherbarnaby

Due to loosing power for 24 hours and helping out the community we are unable to prepare, record, edit and release an episode this week. We will return April 20, but in the meantime take out challenge! What other mystery would you like to see Tom Barnaby in? Send us your answers and use the hashtag #otherbarnaby! See you next week!

Episode 35 - "Ghosts of Christmas Past" - Pam, Bonking and a Fungus Cardigan!

In Episode 35, S07 E07, Sarah and Mark wish you Merry Christmas in April for "Ghosts of Christmas Past". A killer waits 9 Christmases to kill the most annoying woman of all time and a nice aunt. Remember no bonking at Jennifer’s house!

Episode 34 - "The Straw Woman" - Vicars on Fire, Country Polka and Elvis?

In Episode 34, Sarah and Mark burning an effigy for S07 E06, "The Straw Woman". Everyone who goes into the church catches on fire but still they keep coming. Someone should roast that pig!

Episode 33 - "The Maid in Splendour" - Bembo, Lorna's Teeth and a Love Shack

In Episode 33, S07 E04, Sarah and Mark are grabbing a drink in the snug for "The Maid in Splendour". A killer makes a mistake but gets it right the second time at the love shack! No work clothes!

Mini-episode 05 - The Other-Than-Midsomer Viewing List

Stuck indoors and you have watched all of Midsomer? We provide our recommendations of shows and movies you might not have see. Enjoy!

Episode 32 - "Sins of Commission" - The Black Lodge, Pants Pub and a Flyswater!

In Episode 32, Sarah and Mark are learning kung fu for S07 E04, "Sins of Commission". A literary contest where no one writes is disrupt by a few falls and a tent pegging. Jezebel wash your hands!

Midsomer Maniacs - Back Next Week

Folks, Things have just piled up on us and we won't have a new episode for you this week. We will return on March 16 at the regular time for "Sins of Commission" Thanks for listening! Mark and Sarah

Episode 31 - "The Fisher King" - Barrows, Spear Fishing and Doors Wide Open

In Episode 31, Sarah and Mark are digging in a barrow while watching S07 E03, "The Fisher King". A killer uses a spear, an arrow and a mill to hide the past. Is it too much to ask that someone shuts a door?

Episode 30 - "Bad Tidings" - Cactus Jack, You You Cow and 3 Red!

In Episode 30, Sarah and Mark are dancing at Spanish Night while watching S07 E02, "Bad Tidings”. A Killer in a big coat takes out a dancing queen, a doctor and an oddjob man. Worst Picnic Ever!

Episode 29 - "The Green Man" - Pause Tom and the Yob Magnets in the Research Dungeon

In Episode 29, Sarah and Mark are trapped in a tunnel while watching S07 E01, "The Green Man”. Troy becomes an inspector and promptly leaves while the yobs and surprising quantity of dead people chase Tom into the research dungeon.

Episode 28 - "Birds of Prey" - Bad Wallpaper, The Wrong Sasuages and The Eggman

In Episode 28, Sarah and Mark are riding scooters while watching S06 E05, "Birds of Prey”. Horrible wallpaper sets the killer on a rampage then ends with the wrong sausages, the Eggman and badly rinsed hair!

Episode 27 - "A Tale of Two Hamlets" - Satan's Plot Holes, An Armory and Danny's Meatballs

In Episode 27, Sarah and Mark are drinking gazpacho while watching S06 E04, "A Tale Of Two Hamlets". The House of Satan has some major plot holes that can only be filled with guns, chickens and Danny's delicious meatballs!