Midsomer Maniacs is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to ITV's long running TV series, Midsomer Murders. Join Mark & Sarah each week as they rewatch the entire show from the beginning.


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125 - "The Sting of Death" - The Hydrated Yoga Gigolo vs The Angry Church Ninja

In Podcast 125(S21E03), Snappy and Gia wonder how a killer uses a thermos to kill a doctor and a guy in a party barn. ------------------------------------ NEWSLETTE...

124 - "The Miniature Murders" - Angry Bird Lady & The Torture Shack

In Podcast 124(S21E02), we ask: Why is there a kid rave in a teepee? What is a goth gym? Who are the Jemimahkins? Who washes out the ball pit? ----------------------...

Episode 123 - "The Point of Balance" - Jimjams & The Truth About Canadians

In Podcast 123(S21E01), a killer uses fear and a big orange robot arm to kill to keep secrets. Bamberry Bam! ------------------------------------ NEWSLETTER: Keep up...

Episode 122 - "Send in the Clowns" - The Human Illusionist & The Robotic Arm

In Podcast 122(S20E06), a killer uses a prop gun, a prop sword and a magic pig machine to accidentally kill a bunch of people.We want the Zombie Invasion of Finchmere ...

Episode 121 - "Till Death Do Us Part" - Winter's Winter Socks

In Podcast 121(S20E05), a killer tightens a corset, uses a cannon and pushes over a balcony all because of a lack of communications! Midsomer Bride article ideas! Mids...

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