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Episode 71 - "Small Mercies" - Turkey Tearoom & Bob Ross’ Hammer Time

In Podcast 71 (S12 E05) a young fogey is tied up in model village, a sea nymph is run through and an old lady experiences Hammer Time all because she made someone grumpy! Stop touching that pillow! Maniac merch for a good cause! -

Episode 70 - "The Glitch" - Fart Car, Bucketman, and a Giant Owl Box

In Podcast 70 (S12 E04) the Bucketman sprays paint on people in cars but not on bikes and a software company deals with a glitch. In the meantime, two people are murdered for no reason at all! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 69 - "Secrets and Spies" - Techie Hagrid, A Randy Curator and Nicky’s Butt Button

In Podcast 69 (S12 E03) The Beast is accused of killing a ringer and the town drunk but has plans for a cremation! All this plus cricket, a randy curator, sheep and ninjas! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 68 - "The Black Book" - A Hippiesexual, A Winja and Freckled Colonel Sanders!

In Podcast 68 (S12 E02) a maniacal winja tortures and kills an old lady, a criminal painter and an art dealer. No one’s going to want to buy any paintings or shoe trees any more! Jam, Jerusalem and bloody Nevile Blackshaw! Midsomer Holiday Parody Song Coming out Tuesday! We will be taking two weeks off and returning January 4th! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 67 - "The Dogleg Murders" - Piggy Money, Frankenbrother, Corpse Nipples

In Podcast 67 (S12 E01) someone uses a one iron and a knife to try to get a house back while the locals shill out in the deathtrap cooler. Get a map, put some pins on it, that will look good! Remember to wear pants at the badminton club! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 66 - "Talking to the Dead" - Paranoma, Areas of Darkness and Iron Maidens

In Podcast 66 (S11 E07), two couples disappear, the woods are littered with corpses and the antichrist appears! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 65 - "Days of Misrule" - The Calm Bomber, Bondage Santa and Caro’s House of Coffee & Computers

In Podcast 65 (S11 E06), a discolored torso is trapped in a tiny dumpster, the calm bomber bombs at midnight...or four in the afternoon, and the worst person in the world gets murdered. The cops diddle and fill out paperwork. Screw you Grandma! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 64 - "The Magician's Nephew" - Frog Goop, Riding Centaurs and Isolde’s Jazzy Bike Ride!

In Podcast 64 (S11 E05), after a satanic ritual a killer murders a nice old lady, a not-so-nice book seller and a magician with the help of frogs and jazzy witch! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 63 - "Midsomer Life" - Brad’s Magical Travelling Lump

In Episode 63, S11 E04, a country magazine causes all sorts of problems that leaves one man in a flipping car, another with a pierced heart and Elinor in the dryer. Is it the mysterious traveling lump or an axe-wielding charcoal maker? Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 62 - "Left for Dead" - Spud in the Hole, You are Mostly Killer, and a Midsomer State of Mind

In Episode 62, S110 E03, Jone’s childhood friends spend the episode trying to kill each other and get married. Also, Culley has a new headshot and Sarah brings the lyrics! Don’t let the outers know you’re in.

Episode 61 - "Blood Wedding" - Randy Corky Hound, Chain Stores and Berserker Rage!

In Episode 61, S11 E02, it’s wedding season in Midsomer. First Ned and Beth’s wedding is interrupted by the maid of honor trying to be the center of attention by getting murdered along with a groundskeeper and a local midwife. The other wedding includes Culley and THE MOST AMAZING MIDSOMER MANIAC FACT EVER!

Episode 60 - "Shot at Dawn" - - Poop Pants, Hobby Squaddies, and Pure Farmyard!

In Episode 60, S110 E01, Husbands and wives fight, brothers fight, sisters fight, fathers and sons fight, EVERYONE fights and Tom and Jones are stuck in the middle, literally! The killer tries to use a gun, a RC car, a machine gun and a baler to mixed results! Go, Dave, Go!

Episode 59 - "Death in a Chocolate Box" - Stolen Orange Juice, Fishnets and Level Crossings

In Episode 59, S10 E08, A village populated by ex-villains is the perfect place for Barnaby to solve a crime. Luckily, a murderer uses a camera obscura to return to killing after a 16 year break. Put down that orange juice!

Episode 58 - "They Seek Him Here" - Head in a Baggie

In Episode 58, S10 E07, filming begins in Midsomer and brings a group of actors and a director together. In a forest of red herrings, people start losing their heads and loose the ability to shut the damn door!

Episode 57 - "Picture of Innocence" - Pixel Punks, veggie burgers and Jazzdisco!

In Episode 57, S10 E06, the war of digital versus analog photography causes casualties on both sides, but why is Tom being framed? Also, Mark rants about Eddie Carfax!

Episode 56 - "Death and Dust" - The Patio, Spider-Bryn, and Action Barnaby

In Episode 56, S10 E05, an adult child sticks his nose into his mother’s love life and results in a doctor getting accidentally murdered and everyone else goes to Wales. Action Barnaby!

Episode 55 - "The Axeman Cometh" - Vampires, Exploding Motorcycles, Rug! Fibers! Duh!

In Episode 55, S10 E04, Rockers descend on Badger’s Drift with a clown suit, a foxy ginger, vampires on chaise lounges, and exploding motor bikes! Keith get out of that tree!

Episode 54 - "King's Crystal" - Culley’s Rage and a Teleporting sketchbook

In Episode 54, S10 E03, Masons, artisans and Hamlet oh My! What’s going on at the factory, and Masonic Lodge and the flower shop and the open air theater. Shenanigans! Every hour is happy hour in Causton!

Episode 53 - "The Animal Within" - Light Orgies, Loin Instigations and a Bunny Helmet

In Episode 53, S10 E02, a gardener, a cook and a cleaning lady are all mixed up with a dead niece, a missing dirty old uncle and Mama Lucy! What exactly is a light orgy?

Episode 52 - "Dance With The Dead" - Food on the Bed, Boobs in a Tree and the Hokey Cokey!

In Episode 51, S10 E01, a crazy dog lady, a crazy old lady, a crazy crash investigator and a crazy landlady all cause a lot of work for the police department. Who keeps food in their bed? Let’s do the Hokey Cokey because that’s what it’s all about!

Episode 51 - "Last Year's Model" - Embryonic Feelings, Edwarda, and The Jungle Room

In Episode 51, S09 E08, there’s a different kind of Midsomer. Barnaby and Jones, aided by a hippie and a feisty old lady, catch a killer with an airhorn! All this and a hot tub in The Jungle Room!

Mini-episode 07 - The Maniacs Speak!

A collection of your responses about Midsomer and the podcast!

Episode 50 - "Death in Chorus"- Misogynistic Shower Door & Soco Fox

What could go wrong at a small choir competition? Well, murder, infidelity, art forgery and a bare butt but this is Midsomer. Soco fox is on the case!

Episode 49 - "Country Matters" - Buttocks, Diving Suze and Fact!

In Episode 49, S09 E05, There are a lot of country matters going on in the village of Elverton! The cookery school, rural pursuits center and stables are all not what they seem! How does a jogging vicar fit in? All you have to do is keep the facts straight!

Episode 48 - "Four Funerals and a Wedding" - The Bonking Braintree from Burma!

In Episode 47, S09 E05, familial shenanigans cause ripple effects that last for years causing the death of an old lady in a big hat, a self-flagellating vicar and deacon that takes a dirt nap. How is this the fault of a teak salesman?

Episode 47 - "Down Among the Dead Men" - Belloq, Hugging Frogs, and a dinghy!

In Episode 47, S09 E04, A blackmailer meets a messy end but which of his victims killed the Dane? What does it have to do with hugging frogs? Will Culley ever have any friends? I don’t believe it! Chao!

Episode 46 - "Vixen’s Run" - Monstrous Vegetables, Green Eyes, and Salsa Dancing

In Episode 46, S09 E03, Sarah and Mark are growing monstrous vegetables with Teddy while watching “Vixen’s Run”. An agile killer causes a heart attack, burns a house down and shoots a hippo in a carp pond! With animal noises!

Episode 45 - "Dead Letters" - A Kangaroo, A Gorilla and La Bamba!

In Episode 45, S09 E02, Sarah and Mark are celebrating Oak Apple Week while watching “Dead Letters”. A parade that includes a kangaroo, a gorilla, middle-aged cheerleaders and La Bamba! Oh and a Killer!

Episode 44 - "The House in the Woods" - Mouse Screaming, Suspenseful Beating and Heart Jerky

In Episode 44, S09 E01, Sarah and Mark are realizing they have twin siblings while watching “A House In The Woods”. A killer with a motive that just does work is foiled by JONES!

Episode 43 - "Midsomer Rhapsody" - Brain-swapping Time Travelers

In Episode 43, S08 E03, Sarah and Mark are trying to catch a flying head while watching “Midsomer Rhapsody”. In an episode with indeterminate weather and too many characters heads are a poppin’!