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Mini-episode 16 - "For Death Prepare" - Midsomer Kurgan

**SPOILER FREE: MIDSOMER MURDERS** Mini-Episode 16 - "For Death Prepare" - S22 E05 - In Mini-episode 16, we ask you to be on the lookout for Midsomer Kurgan, the disappearing hand-jive couple, ghost lights and something full of beans! There can only be one!

Episode 102 - "Murder by Magic" - The Unneighborly Balls

In Podcast 102(S17 E02), a killer uses explosives, knives, wicker and MAGIC to carry out their master plan! My mother doesn’t touch my underwear! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Mini-episode 15 - "The Scarecrow Murders" - Giant Betty and the Time-travelling Locksmith

In Mini-episode 15, be on the watch for giant Betty, scarecrow patterns and numbers, a time-travelling locksmith, great corpse acting, a weird bird theme, the windy wind and NUTG! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 101 - "The Dagger Club" - Mangled By Propellers

In Podcast 101 (S17 E01), a killer uses roulette wheels, a printing press and a knife to prove a point that they could have years earlier. Get your face onto that propeller! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Mini-episode 14 - "Happy Families" - Winter's Banana Hammock

Spoiler Free! In Mini-episode 14, we ask you to look for animals playing instruments, Jonathan Creek’s friends and a banana hammock! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/ Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 100 - "The Killings of Copenhagen" - Biscuits of Death, Soco Peacock & Stunt Baby

In Podcast 100 (S16 E05), an international mystery includes the cookies of death, malicious forking and being wrapped in plastic! Sarah and Mark go live! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 99 - "The Flying Club" - Flying Fete, Zpitfires & Giant Wrenches!

In Podcast 98 (S16 E03), a killer uses wild boars, truffle oil and a killer plant to prove their love. Don’t eat the curry or have seconds! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 98 - "Wild Harvest" - Dead Man’s Fingers Curry in the Truffle Grove

In Podcast 98 (S16 E03), a killer uses wild boars, truffle oil and a killer plant to prove their love. Don’t eat the curry or have seconds! Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 97 - "Let Us Prey" - Flood Patrol, Killer Chandeliers & The Gospel of The Red Herring

In Podcast 97 (S16 E02), a killer takes inspiration from art by using a bag, a front-end loader and a chandelier. Does my butt look big with this face on it? Sign up for our newsletter here - https://midsomermaniacs.transistor.fm/

Episode 96 - "The Christmas Haunting" - Ghost Arms, Scary Playgrounds and Artisanal Bread!

In Podcast 96 (S16 E016), a murderer just wants everyone to get along at Christmas! So what if a few people die? Listen... at your peril! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Mini-episode 13 - An Interview with Midsomer Screenwriter Lisa Holdsworth

Have you ever wondered how an episode of Midsomer Murders is written? In mini-episode 13, we interview the amazing Lisa Holdsworth. Lisa has penned episodes of Midsomer Murders, New Tricks and Call the Midwife. In the interview, we ask about writing for Midsomer, finding ways to kill people, hamster-themed underpants and Ted Lasso! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 95 - "Schooled in Murder" - Cheese Shack, Maggot Pocket & Attack Cows!

In Podcast 95 (S15 E06), a prolific character uses various cheese implements...and cows to kill. Life in the country sure makes you nuts. An episode where we say maggots too many times! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 94 - "The Sicilian Defence" - Chess Head, Freezer Cat and Parr Carr!

In Podcast 943 (S15 E05), a religious fanatic knocks out a doctor, kidnaps a child and has a flat tire and she isn’t even the murderer! Chess head wear Bonkers style! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 93 -"Death and the Divas" - Vampire Pensioner, Stella’s Thatch & Surprise Alpacas!

Podcast 93 (S15 E04) In a love letter to Hammer Horror, a killer uses a fork, a knife and a roll of bandages to kill. That's quite the delivery service! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 92 - "Written in the Stars" - Onion Paper, Rain Sticks & The Frisbee of Death!

In Podcast 92 (S15 E03), a masked killer uses a rock, a spear and a ruined bronze-age artifact to make sure the local amateur astronomy club has lots of room for new members. I’m not an astronomer, but I play one on a podcast. Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 91 - "Murder of Innocence" - Charwoman Hoover Cam, Petrol Number Nine & PC Peesalot

In Podcast 91 (S15 E02), a disgruntled cottage owner murders using a syringe and a number nine gas can! Spider-man and the Jones’ Inbox! Who thinks up these captions? Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 90 - "The Dark Rider" - Sasha’s Thug Squad, The Mad Shagger & Poor Andy

In Podcast 90 (S15 E01), a killer uses super strength and speed to kill with a log and a gargoyle, yet manages to make reenactment a competitive sport. Outta the way, Plebs! LMF! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 89 - "A Rare Bird" - Eww-papa e-pops & The Stalker Barn

In Podcast 89 (S14 E08), a killer uses a bolo, an oboe, a shotgun and causes Sarah to do several dubious google searches. Buttocks to you! Pleasuring Her Majesty! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 88 - "A Sacred Trust" - Slender Nun, Prayer Machines and Lazy Holes

In Podcast 88 (S14 E07), a killer throttles a nun and a priest, that is no way to get into heaven! My Dad was an African mercenary and all I got were these lousy trousers. With special guests Em and Pol from the Lovejoy, Actually podcast! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 87 - "The Night of the Stag" - Slim Shady, Dead Rat Cider and The Beast!

In Podcast 87 (S14 E06), an angry mob kills a revenue man and a priest and that's not the worst part of the episode. Put on your antler hat and drink some rough cider, because there is a whole lotta shakin’ goin on! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/ #midsomermurders #midsomermaniacs #podcast #thebeast #yarp

Episode 86 - "The Sleeper Under the Hill" - Wee Peas, Big Butts & a Magic Golden Nipple

In Podcast 86 (S14 E05), we welcome Special Guests the Loremen! A killer who is psychotic for no reason kills a farmer, a druid and then is killed by his accomplice all for a hoard some school kids end up with! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Mini-episode 12 - A Special Announcement

Folks, We just need a few extra days to prepare Episode 86 - "The Sleeper Under The Hill" episode with special guests so there will be no episode on May 24th but we will return May 31st! Mark & Sarah

Episode 85 - "The Oblong Murders" - Combover Guy’s Story Arc, Egg-Chucking Yobs & Jones’ Scruffy Butt

In Podcast 85 (S14 E04), a murderer with a bad motive kills an apartment dweller, blows up a boat and stabs a cult member. Egg-chucking yobs and the logistics of love rooms all combine to make us all feel oblong. What kind of tree are you? Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 84 - "Echoes of the Dead" - She-Asses, Zedonkadonks & The Thing Jones Mentions

In Podcast 84 (S14 E03), a killer is imitating murders from the past until they run out of time. Welcome to Great Worthy, where all the men are creepy and the donkeys are well-looked after. Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 83 - "Dark Secrets" - Kayaks, Pooh Sticks and Squash Courts

In Podcast 83 (S14 E02), what do two old shut-ins have to do with a suit wearing canoeist, stacks of paper, a squash court and pooh sticks? Join us and find out!

Mini-episode 11 - "The Stitcher Society" - Ninja Heart Patients

In Mini-episode 11, we ask you to look at beer taps, soldiers, microfiche and Nellie the Elephant! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Episode 82 - "Death in the Slow Lane" - Immortal Hay & The Gizmo Trolley

In Podcast 82 (S14 E01), we cover John Barnaby’s first episode in which a maniacal killer commits homicide with automobiles, twice! The Robinson’s have moved! Maniac merch! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Mini-episode 10 - "The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy" - Succumb to Glamping!

In Mini-episode 10, we challenge you to count pallets, dream catchers, “American Werewolf In London” references and find Sinatra! Maniac merch - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Mini-episode 09 - A Very Maniac Announcement!

Just a little announcement to cover our releases over the next few weeks. Mini Episode 10 - S22 E01 - 4/23 - "The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy" Episode 82 - 4/26 - "Death in the Slow Lane" Mini Episode 11 - S22 E02 - 4/30 - "The Stitcher Society" Episode 83 - 5/3 - "Dark Secrets" - Hoarders Episode 84 - 5/10 - "Echoes of the Dead" We will return 4/23! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

Mini-episode 08 - The Best Barnaby Bits

In mini-episode 08, we cover the best bits of Tom, Joyce and Cully Barnaby. We will return 4/26! Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/

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