Episode 164 - Annette Badland Interview Audio

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 164 we interview the amazing Annette Badland! All merch proceeds to help fight Ovarian Cancer! 

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Show Notes 

Thanks so much Annette. Remember all merch proceeds from January to June 1 will go to Target Ovarian Cancer!

Thanks again for listening!
Mark & Sarah


Schedule for April & May
  • May 22 - Murdoch Mysteries S01.E11 - "Bad Medicine"
  • May 29 - Murdoch Mysteries S01.E12 - "The Prince and the Rebel"
  • June 5 - Murdoch Mysteries S01.E13 - "The Annoying Red Planet"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
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Episode 164 - Annette Badland Interview Audio
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