Episode 31 - "The Fisher King" - Barrows, Spear Fishing and Doors Wide Open

In Episode 31, Sarah and Mark are digging in a barrow while watching S07 E03, "The Fisher King". A killer uses a spear, an arrow and a mill to hide the past. Is it too much to ask that someone shuts a door?


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My Family Tree
The Medusa Touch

Malcolm Tierney in Star Wars

Oxo Cube Ad

My Tasty Travels

Jim Carter and and Imelda Staunton

Jim Carter in Top Secret

Time Team Episode
Episode 263 - “Warriors” - Tony and the team work with volunteers from Operation Nightingale, an initiative to help injured veterans of the war in Afghanistan. They are investigating the ancient Barrow Clump on Salisbury Plain, where they discover burials from 2000BC and rare Saxon finds. The team are joined by Richard Osgood, an archaeologist from the Ministry of Defence.

Wayland’s Smithy

Links to the Spear

Captain John Ball
The Strange Case of the Strangford Lough Hoard
Source: The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 135 (2005), pp. 5- 118

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