Episode 41 - "Hidden Depths" - Murder Poetry, Arts and Craft Killer and Shuddering Squirts of Agony!

In Episode 41, S08 E06, Sarah and Mark use a backyard catapult to show "Hidden Depths". An arts and crafts killer overcomes horrible coats and causes shuddering squirts of agony. Good times!


Midsomer murders Wikia

Oliver Ford Davies in Star Wars

Robest Dawes in Jeeves and Wooster

Rober Dawes Novels

Robert Rankin Brentford Trilogy

Jays Virtual Pub Quiz

Wine Forgery Documentary


I know we keep saying cricket, we mean Croquet.  Sorry!

What does brown sauce taste like?

Is Relish, Chutney?

Thanks again for listening and next week  "Sauce for the Gooseā€¯!
Mark & Sarah

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