Episode 76 - "Blood on the Saddle" - Billy The Optometrist

Special guest Ben Sorensen joins us for Podcast 76 (S13 E03)! A battle of accountants vs optometrists over red tape gets a witch, a cowboy, a psycho and a lawyer killed in the crossfire! Joyce is attacked with ice cream! For everything Ben Sorensen, visit Bensorensen1.com and @bensorensen1 on all socials. Maniac merch for a good cause! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/midsomer-maniacs-podcast/


Ben Sorensen
For everything Ben Sorensen, visit  Bensorensen1.com and @bensorensen1 on all socials.

Billy The Kid Playing Croquet

Laredo in the UK

Chopper Reed

The Chosen

Legend of the Werewolf

Deadly Instincts

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