Midsomer Maniacs is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to ITV's long running TV series, Midsomer Murders. Join Mark & Sarah each week as they rewatch the entire show from the beginning.


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129 - "Happy Families" - She Rubs the Lotion On Frankenstein’s Monster's Platter

In Podcast 129(S22E03), our detectives must tippy-tap in stripey jim-jams, and nothing else, down a half-height hallway to solve an anagram that is not “Chew Ham Tit”…...

128 - "The Stitcher Society" - Flirty McFlirty Pants, Pump Head, & the Moob-Sensitive Man

Episode Summary In Podcast 128(S22E02), a killer uses a kendo sword, a ribbon and shotgun for no reason at all. We need more MiMi in this show! ---------------...

127 - "The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy" - Interrogation Yurt, Little Red Riding Barnaby & A Dice Bag

In Podcast 127(S22E01), a killer dressed in a coat, with cane, a flintlock, and wolverine claws paints graffiti? What was Fleaur’s entry to the Urban Legend contest? ...

126 - "With Baited Breath" - Mistress Baiters & Freddie’s Sad Shack!

In Podcast 126(S21E04), the killer uses electricity, a catapult, and a barrel of maggots all because of the lack of a vehicle at the right time. Fish people vs Psycho ...

125 - "The Sting of Death" - The Hydrated Yoga Gigolo vs The Angry Church Ninja

In Podcast 125(S21E03), Snappy and Gia wonder how a killer uses a thermos to kill a doctor and a guy in a party barn. ------------------------------------ NEWSLETTE...

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