Midsomer Maniacs is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to ITV's long running TV series, Midsomer Murders. Join Mark & Sarah each week as they rewatch the entire show from the beginning.


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Episode 79 - "The Noble Art" - Teleporting Gerald & Ken-Tuohy-Chop-Suey

In Podcast 79 (S13 E06), a teleporting Grandpa McDaddy kills a two-timing lawyer, a boxing promoter and a Stark all with the aid of his teleportation powers and ignori...

Episode 78 - "Master Class" - Booty Hide and the Naked Order of Forensic Nuns

In Podcast 78 (S13 E05), we try not to talk about the icky stuff in this episode so instead talk about sibling killers, creepy dolls, eccentric pianists and the Naked ...

Episode 77 - "The Silent Land" - Corpse kisses, ten-foot poles and peachy killers!

In Podcast 77 (S13 E04), a disgruntled killer murders a librarian everyone hates and a ghost host everyone hates! The rest of the village is too busy bonking to notice...

Episode 76 - "Blood on the Saddle" - Billy The Optometrist

Special guest Ben Sorensen joins us for Podcast 76 (S13 E03)! A battle of accountants vs optometrists over red tape gets a witch, a cowboy, a psycho and a lawyer kill...

Episode 75 - "The Sword of Guillaume" - The Barnabys’ Dirty Booties

In Podcast 75 (S13 E02) An exercising sword-wielding Ninja pit pony stalks the haunted hotel of Brighton and Causton before finding the skewering the saddest vicar in ...

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