Episode 180 - Murdoch Mysteries - "Werewolves" - Don’t Sit On the Awkward Bench

"Speaker Name","Start Time","End Time","Text"

"Sarah","00;00;00;00","00;00;19;29","Like a ninja. Yeah, I get opens and closes on the way there. I'm all right."

"Sarah","00;00;20;01","00;00;23;13","Hey, maniac. Hey, you."

"Mark","00;00;23;13","00;00;25;14","Maniac. Oh, you're a werewolf."

"Sarah","00;00;25;15","00;00;29;27","You already. This is Mystery Maniac."

"Mark","00;00;30;01","00;00;51;00","The Comedy Recap podcast dedicated to mystery TV. Each week, we dig into an episode of a show, including the murders, the mayhem, the loonies, and everything else. We love. This week, Murdoch Mysteries Where Wolves Season two Episode 12. Oh, I have a question I'm going to ask now and then we'll discuss at the end of the episode."


"Mark","00;00;51;22","00;00;54;10","Why is it called werewolves, plural?"

"Sarah","00;00;54;18","00;00;57;05","Oh, yes. We shall talk about that."

"Mark","00;00;57;06","00;00;58;25","Absolutely. I'm Mark."

"Sarah","00;00;58;25","00;01;06;01","I'm Sarah. Before we dive into this episode, I would like to recommend Mrs. Sidhu on ACORN."

"Mark","00;01;06;07","00;01;09;16","It's fun to do Investigate as the name of this."

"Sarah","00;01;09;17","00;01;28;27","I'm not going to say that it's all that original. No, not. It's kind of predictable. Yeah. But if you like things that are a bit predictable and cozy and comfy and always wrap up with a happy ending with quirky characters, which you probably do if you're listening to this, I think you'll like Mrs. Sidhu investigates. She's just."

"Mark","00;01;29;05","00;01;32;18","It has just makes me want to eat Indian food all the time."

"Sarah","00;01;32;18","00;01;37;04","Yeah. And you will want to punch her son in the first episode. He gets better. He does Just say."

"Mark","00;01;37;04","00;01;38;12","He's a little less punchable."

"Sarah","00;01;38;12","00;01;49;26","I wanted to really punch him in the first episode, but maybe that's just because his behavior resonates with me personally. Right now, I have children who sort of resemble his behavior."

"Mark","00;01;49;26","00;01;50;23","But not a husband."

"Sarah","00;01;50;23","00;01;53;07","And I don't want to punch them. No. Her husband's dead."

"Mark","00;01;53;08","00;01;56;03","No, no, no. But your husband doesn't do that. You?"

"Sarah","00;01;56;05","00;01;57;20","No. Gosh, no."


"Sarah","00;01;58;09","00;02;20;24","Great guy. The other thing is that we are posting some behind the scenes Halloween pictures to the Instagram broadcast channel. If you haven't joined that, if you follow us on Instagram, we're Midsummer Maniacs on Instagram. If you look at our profile, you'll see a link there to join the broadcast channel for free. It's just like a little back channel stuff."

"Sarah","00;02;20;27","00;02;24;12","It's kind of where we post things that aren't specifically related to the podcast."

"Mark","00;02;24;13","00;02;29;10","Like, for instance, last week I posted how I had been attacked by Yellow Jackets."

"Sarah","00;02;29;10","00;02;36;27","Yes. Oh, you poor thing. I was so scared for you. Oh, but only a fraction as scared as you were. Yeah, I was really."

"Mark","00;02;37;02","00;02;50;09","Scared during prep for the Halloween ness of the yard, I accidentally took the weed trimmer and ran it into a nest of yellow jackets that swarmed me, causing me to."


"Mark","00;02;51;03","00;02;52;01","Do a fancy."

"Sarah","00;02;52;01","00;03;00;23","Dance. Yeah, including getting under your glasses, making use, flinging your glasses about 30 feet. It took me two days to find them."

"Mark","00;03;00;24","00;03;04;09","Yeah. I was a little worried that I might not see you again, but they didn't."

"Sarah","00;03;04;16","00;03;07;20","Injected. And I'm so they stung you. But they didn't sting. Sting?"

"Mark","00;03;07;20","00;03;10;10","You know, I'm all back, but they're dead now."

"Sarah","00;03;10;11","00;03;11;08","Oh, boy."

"Mark","00;03;11;12","00;03;13;13","They dead now."

"Sarah","00;03;13;16","00;03;18;15","There's no murder mystery involved. No exterminator came and wiped them out."

"Mark","00;03;18;15","00;03;26;14","Yes, it was genocide. 180 episodes for us. This is our 180th full episode."

"Sarah","00;03;26;14","00;03;27;11","Yep. Awesome."

"Mark","00;03;27;11","00;03;29;12","And the 25th murder episode."


"Mark","00;03;30;02","00;03;31;15","We got one more on this season."

"Sarah","00;03;31;18","00;03;34;04","You ready to talk about wolves?"

"Sarah","00;03;34;07","00;03;36;21","Oh. Oh."

"Sarah","00;03;36;23","00;03;38;14","We're going to have to put a limit on the Howling."

"Mark","00;03;38;14","00;03;46;10","Yeah, I think we're going to do Original Air Date April 21st, 29. Making it not a Halloween episode."

"Sarah","00;03;46;10","00;03;48;08","But it's a Halloween episode."

"Mark","00;03;48;08","00;04;00;11","It's our episode. And Murdoch leans far into the Halloween episodes in later seasons, directed by Kelly McCann and written by Paul Aiken."

"Sarah","00;04;00;14","00;04;03;26","It starts with absolute horror movie tropes."

"Mark","00;04;04;02","00;04;08;24","No, no. Well, sort of that. My first note is it's the last he did."


"Sarah","00;04;10;17","00;04;19;15","Well, that's good. That's great. But backlit fog. Yeah. Dark alleys. Yeah. Doors that closed behind you all by themselves."

"Mark","00;04;19;15","00;04;22;24","Night watchman with dogs. You learn later that he's not in."

"Sarah","00;04;22;26","00;04;31;23","He's a banker, but yeah, a big, big dog. Fierce guard dogs. So, you know something bad is going to happen."

"Mark","00;04;31;25","00;04;34;02","Werewolf cam is going to happen. Yeah."

"Sarah","00;04;34;05","00;04;37;11","He's not going to meet somebody who gives him some flowers."

"Mark","00;04;37;13","00;04;39;04","And then we know."

"Sarah","00;04;39;09","00;04;40;24","That's not going to happen."

"Mark","00;04;40;27","00;04;54;05","And then we see the moon in a puddle. And it's actually it's weird how that is related directly to the next scene. Mm hmm. The next scene is was stupid Enid and her stupid job."

"Sarah","00;04;54;08","00;04;57;13","I'm going to call this the actually scene."

"Mark","00;04;57;16","00;05;07;16","Well, okay. For most human beings who watch this scene and see Murdoch, they see him falter as a parent."

"Sarah","00;05;07;19","00;05;08;02","Mm hmm."

"Mark","00;05;08;05","00;05;11;20","To me, I'm like, We're not doing the right thing for the child."

"Sarah","00;05;11;27","00;05;29;05","Yes, because all one wants to know, are there men on the moon? No. And Murdoch says, well, actually there's no oxygen there. And living things need oxygen to live. But then along comes Julia. Along comes Julia and her flash in the pan, then Demande. Yeah. Reginald Pound."

"Mark","00;05;29;05","00;05;30;28","Said, whatever."

"Sarah","00;05;30;28","00;05;51;11","She's like, Actually, we discovered bacteria that doesn't need oxygen to live. Yeah. And then Reginald and all of his wisdom is like, So that means there are men on the moon and they're eating green cheese and they've got laser guns and they're inventing time machines and all kinds of crazy stuff, right? Alan And Alan's like, Yeah."

"Mark","00;05;51;12","00;05;54;16","And I was like, No, actually that's not."

"Sarah","00;05;54;16","00;05;58;26","No, no. So why? And that's why Reginald is no good."

"Mark","00;05;58;28","00;06;02;13","Where do you think that green cheese and the moon thing came from?"

"Sarah","00;06;02;13","00;06;05;11","I don't know, because the moon is not green."

"Mark","00;06;05;15","00;06;07;10","The first part of it."

"Sarah","00;06;07;13","00;06;13;02","Now I can see the cheesy part because it does look like it has holes. So maybe like a Swiss cheese thing."

"Mark","00;06;13;06","00;06;16;00","So it comes from a fable."


"Mark","00;06;16;09","00;06;24;13","A fox sees a moon in a puddle and tries to eat it because he thinks it's cheese."

"Sarah","00;06;24;14","00;06;26;07","Like narcissus. Does he drown?"

"Mark","00;06;26;13","00;06;32;00","No, no, but. But it there is. I didn't read the whole fable, but the."

"Sarah","00;06;32;00","00;06;35;17","Foxes are always dumb and fails, Right? So he ends up biting water."

"Mark","00;06;35;18","00;06;42;10","Yeah, he bites. It's the idea that you're seeing something as a reflection and not its reality."

"Sarah","00;06;42;11","00;06;46;13","If only he had turned around and bit the actual moon, he would have got some cheese."

"Mark","00;06;46;13","00;07;05;08","Yeah. Yeah. And, and actually and actually at this point in time it's mostly referred to as like you would believe that the mirror, the moon is made of cheese like it's a known hoax that you believe in. Okay, so."

"Sarah","00;07;05;10","00;07;10;08","My cheese, I have all things like it's clearly a rock. Why cheese?"

"Mark","00;07;10;14","00;07;15;15","It looks like cheese if you look at it in a puddle and you have mobile sized."


"Mark","00;07;16;08","00;07;16;23","I guess."

"Sarah","00;07;16;23","00;07;34;22","I guess then Enid and Murdoch sit on what I referred to in my notes as the awkward bench. It's in front of her house on the street. Yeah, Like, why doesn't she have a seating area on her little porch now? Like, up off the street? We sit on the sidewalk out in public."

"Mark","00;07;34;22","00;07;45;13","I've criticized it. You have put she is absolutely valid. And in her right here to say, hey, are we a thing or not?"

"Sarah","00;07;45;20","00;08;00;18","Except she's a psycho, okay? Because she's like, oh, I put my head on your shoulder, then suddenly look up at you and go, Do you have feelings for Julia? And she turns his head like, if he says yes, she's going to snap his neck."

"Mark","00;08;00;22","00;08;04;13","Every time she touches them. I do."

"Sarah","00;08;04;15","00;08;07;14","It because you love Murdoch and you don't want her hands on."

"Mark","00;08;07;14","00;08;11;11","It. Too tense emotional scene. Why do we need to end it?"

"Sarah","00;08;11;15","00;08;12;25","Would it bother you if."

"Mark","00;08;12;25","00;08;15;18","It was Murdoch you needed."

"Sarah","00;08;15;21","00;08;24;14","What we what we need to resolve that tension is Henry who is actually the best tracker in the universe because he can find Murdoch wherever he is."

"Mark","00;08;24;17","00;08;29;03","I'm Murdoch. He's way better than Jimmy. He finds Murdoch wherever."

"Sarah","00;08;29;06","00;08;41;29","Henry should be on Missing persons because he can find anybody anywhere. He finds Julia out on her walk to and they're going to the theater or something. Yeah. And he finds her because she's there before. Murdoch is."

"Mark","00;08;42;02","00;08;47;19","Where's Murdoch? I sense he's on the uncomfortable couch."

"Sarah","00;08;47;19","00;08;48;16","The awkward bench."

"Mark","00;08;48;17","00;08;50;23","The awkward bench."

"Sarah","00;08;50;25","00;09;13;12","Because Merrill Harty, banker, VP of Dominion Bank, has had his throat torn out. When the dogs go in to the dark doorway and you hear them howl and. Yep, yep. Did you expect to see one of them come flying out? No. Like a dead dog come flying out? No, it's just me. Okay? That's what's supposed to happen. They're supposed to be a big fight."

"Sarah","00;09;13;14","00;09;17;24","And stars and dirt fly around in the circle. And then one of the dogs flies out."

"Mark","00;09;17;27","00;09;23;01","This episode kills off two dogs. And you don't feel overly upset?"

"Sarah","00;09;23;05","00;09;25;13","No, because they're. No, no."

"Mark","00;09;25;13","00;09;27;13","Those dogs. The."

"Sarah","00;09;27;16","00;09;29;08","And there's a dead man there."

"Mark","00;09;29;10","00;09;33;26","The directing of this episode is so good. Yeah, they do a really good job."

"Sarah","00;09;33;27","00;09;34;15","Because I don't know about."

"Mark","00;09;34;18","00;09;37;09","Because you could have screwed that up way bad."

"Sarah","00;09;37;12","00;09;52;07","I usually feel worse if an animal is killed in the show. The person is killed in the show. Yeah. Even though I know they're both fake. Yeah. It's like, Oh, I know you slaughtered five people, but then you killed their dog. You're bad."


"Sarah","00;09;52;29","00;09;56;07","How dare you? Yeah. What did that dog ever do to you?"

"Mark","00;09;56;09","00;10;03;09","His throat is torn open. Could it be a dog? No. His dogs are dead. Could it be a bear? No. They scratch."

"Sarah","00;10;03;10","00;10;04;25","Zombie dog."

"Mark","00;10;04;28","00;10;10;01","No, No, Wolf. In a modern city."

"Sarah","00;10;10;03","00;10;16;25","Apparently, I don't think a wolf would go for your throat first. I think it would go for your leg and pull you down. Yeah."

"Mark","00;10;17;00","00;10;18;20","And then in your arms."

"Sarah","00;10;18;20","00;10;23;27","And then it would go for your throat. Yeah. There'd be other marks."

"Mark","00;10;24;00","00;10;28;23","Headline on the newspaper in the next day. Wolf Mutilates Bangor."

"Sarah","00;10;28;25","00;10;33;02","It's not the Wolf of Wall Street anymore. Or maybe that's what they call."

"Mark","00;10;33;04","00;10;36;07","Oh, wow."

"Sarah","00;10;36;14","00;10;39;21","Killed by Wolf of Derelict Foundry."

"Mark","00;10;39;24","00;10;51;15","Maybe Maryland mayor Instructs police to captured animal dead or alive constables comb entire city desperate hunt for wolf killer. Authorities appeal for public calm."

"Sarah","00;10;51;18","00;10;55;18","Well, the mayor is not going to say I probably gone now."

"Mark","00;10;55;18","00;11;02;20","Two columns over and one column down. It says the junction is in trouble. I don't know what can be."

"Sarah","00;11;02;22","00;11;03;20","Done to."

"Mark","00;11;03;23","00;11;04;25","To him on."

"Sarah","00;11;04;27","00;11;07;15","The junction is in trouble."

"Mark","00;11;07;17","00;11;09;21","It's too hard to read the words."

"Sarah","00;11;09;24","00;11;15;25","Well, what we need to find this, Wolf, is not constables combing the city. We need a tracker."

"Mark","00;11;16;01","00;11;19;14","Yes, but Brother Grimm is mentioned before that."

"Sarah","00;11;19;16","00;11;21;01","The Brothers Grimm? Yeah."

"Mark","00;11;21;04","00;11;22;14","Do you know one that is."

"Sarah","00;11;22;18","00;11;24;27","Many, many years before this?"

"Mark","00;11;25;00","00;11;31;07","Surprisingly, not the first version. Brothers Grimm was published in 1812."

"Sarah","00;11;31;09","00;11;34;04","Yeah, that's 80 years before this."

"Mark","00;11;34;04","00;11;37;18","One of the Brothers Grimm is almost alive when this happens."

"Sarah","00;11;37;22","00;11;38;20","That's crazy."


"Sarah","00;11;39;13","00;11;40;15","Well, got started pretty."

"Mark","00;11;40;17","00;11;43;26","I thought they were, like, 17th century."

"Sarah","00;11;43;26","00;11;45;05","Oh, no, no, no, no."

"Mark","00;11;45;05","00;11;46;16","Yeah, they haven't."

"Sarah","00;11;46;16","00;11;48;23","You seen the movie where they're action heroes?"

"Mark","00;11;48;23","00;11;51;26","Oh, I'm sorry. Jeez, that."

"Sarah","00;11;52;00","00;11;53;01","Was so off."

"Mark","00;11;53;07","00;12;05;04","We need a tractor. Hmm. And we get Jimmy McCloud, who's great. He is fantastic. And Crabtree is great with him. If this show was the Jimmy and Crabtree show, I'd be okay."

"Sarah","00;12;05;06","00;12;14;24","He's played by Nathaniel Arcand, who's been in lots of things. Now, this is one of his first roles. Yeah, but he's a very well established actor, especially in Canada now."

"Mark","00;12;15;01","00;12;18;03","He was on Due South, which we will see more about next week."

"Sarah","00;12;18;05","00;12;38;27","Yeah. So he he works in the stables. Yes, but he's a tracker by training. Right. And his grandfather trained him to be a tracker and I like that he's not perfect. I like that he doesn't just go to the scene and go, Oh, he went this way. I can just tell. Like he says, there aren't any tracks here where the water messed the scene up."

"Sarah","00;12;38;27","00;12;43;01","I can't find him here. You know, it's realistic. I think you could find."

"Mark","00;12;43;04","00;12;49;12","It's as good of a portrayal of a First Nations person 15 years ago as I've seen."


"Mark","00;12;49;24","00;12;52;05","Like he doesn't have a feather on his hat."

"Sarah","00;12;52;06","00;13;00;07","No, he doesn't talk like. And like a Native American in the cowboy. No. Does know track Wolf or something?"

"Mark","00;13;00;07","00;13;07;14","No, he's excellent. There's an interview with the widow, which is like just exposition."

"Sarah","00;13;07;17","00;13;22;03","Oh, poor Mrs. Hardy. She doesn't know why he had a gun. She doesn't know why he went out. She doesn't know what he was worried about. Murdoch says, Well, did he keep a diary? You know, wouldn't it be convenient if everybody kept a diary? Murders would be solved so much quicker."

"Mark","00;13;22;03","00;13;25;18","I feel this person is about to kill me. There are addresses."

"Sarah","00;13;25;19","00;13;33;07","Dear diary, the bank is doing well. My wife is so lovely. There's a werewolf stalking me. Here's a recipe for some lovely scones."

"Sarah","00;13;33;09","00;13;35;11","You know, like."

"Sarah","00;13;35;14","00;13;41;03","What does he expect to find appointment with a werewolf? Probably dead tonight."

"Mark","00;13;41;07","00;13;45;04","Werewolf phone wants appointment. What's that about?"

"Sarah","00;13;45;07","00;13;49;29","Telegraph from Werewolf. His name's Jake. Jake. The werewolf."

"Mark","00;13;50;06","00;14;10;23","Okay, Then we get our first mention of residential schools. Well, Crabtree and Jimmy are doing really good investigative work here. And it's interesting that we're recording today because it's September 30th when we're recording, and this is in Canada, what's called orange shirt day."

"Sarah","00;14;10;26","00;14;19;23","Which is truth and Reconciliation Day. Yeah. Is that just about residential schools or is it about lots of First nations?"

"Mark","00;14;19;26","00;14;34;04","It is about residential schools all in one simple action. By wearing an orange shirt, you're acknowledging the pains of residential school, which contributed while contributing to create a future where indigenous community is are included and honored."

"Sarah","00;14;34;05","00;14;37;03","If you don't know, residential schools were very bad."

"Mark","00;14;37;08","00;14;38;16","They were horrendous."

"Sarah","00;14;38;17","00;14;48;10","Recently, we've had a lot of news about discoveries at old residential schools. Yeah, dead kids that were Jimmy."

"Mark","00;14;48;10","00;14;49;04","Is like that."

"Sarah","00;14;49;07","00;15;00;08","And we're buried. And no one ever heard from them again and didn't know what happened to them. And just awful stuff. We don't need to dwell on it, but just know it's really important and you should know about it."

"Mark","00;15;00;14","00;15;10;29","It it is done really well here. Yeah. You could tell Jimmy did not like being there. No, He gets out that he was taken there. Yeah."

"Sarah","00;15;11;01","00;15;13;19","And he and that he was beaten."

"Mark","00;15;13;21","00;15;20;03","He was beaten and his reference to religion later on is perfectly delivered."

"Sarah","00;15;20;03","00;15;28;01","Yeah. Because it's like this is what I was told to say. Yeah. To survive at school. Yeah. Look into it. People should all know about it."


"Sarah","00;15;29;00","00;15;43;24","There's a drunk do to sleep in the woods whose name is old Dave Jackson. We know that because of the credits. His name is Old Dave. Yeah, and no, all Dave got the bejesus scared out of."

"Mark","00;15;43;24","00;15;46;09","Yeah, not dangerous, but he's asleep."

"Sarah","00;15;46;11","00;15;59;13","Like, all he did was sneak in there to find his friend's booze and have a little tipple and got the bejesus scared out of him and to run away because he thought he was going to get killed by a wolves who wear shoes."

"Mark","00;15;59;13","00;16;10;16","Yeah. So it just adds to the mystery of what's going on. When we go back to Murdoch, did you notice he's like Mr. Simon Sires? And he's like."

"Sarah","00;16;10;18","00;16;19;10","Oh, but Mark, he's so conflicted. Yes, there's a murder and a werewolf, but Ian and Julia, Julia, Enid."

"Mark","00;16;19;10","00;16;23;22","Know there's a cure for that. And it's Ponzi shooting parties."

"Sarah","00;16;23;25","00;16;30;06","Those guys in their tweeds. What are that? They're right outside of the city, right? If not in town."

"Mark","00;16;30;09","00;16;44;27","Yeah. So deep. It means early first couple of seasons of Murdoch. The rich people are horrendous. Yeah, Like they are cruel and mean. And that's a lot closer to the books."


"Mark","00;16;45;15","00;16;59;05","Right. Later on, the rich become buffoons. Yeah, Like several of the characters involve themselves with rich people on a regular basis, and they are shown as buffoon."

"Sarah","00;16;59;07","00;17;08;18","And but in these early seasons, they're cruel. Yeah. The more money you have, the meaner you are, and the more, like, removed from reality you are."

"Mark","00;17;08;23","00;17;10;08","Yeah, absolutely."

"Sarah","00;17;10;08","00;17;17;27","Like standing on the porch, shooting skeet in the middle of the city while wearing tweeds. They're. They're pretending, basically."

"Mark","00;17;17;28","00;17;21;04","And dismissive of Murdoch right away."

"Sarah","00;17;21;04","00;17;42;19","Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, he would have had to come into the tradesmen and turn some I, they let him go into the club. Yeah. No matter if he has a nice hat or not. They're just bad dudes. Yeah. Oh, I was at my club. I could not have possibly done anything. And, you know, gun culture is gun culture, but I'm nervous for Murdoch because he's confronting a rich guy who's got a gun."

"Sarah","00;17;42;23","00;17;58;29","Yeah, like, don't be too pushy there. It might just turn around threatening you with it. Never mind how he handles Hardy's gun. It's loaded. It's loaded. Look, it's loaded on display. It's loaded. Guns didn't have safety back."

"Mark","00;17;58;29","00;18;00;19","That gun safety."

"Sarah","00;18;00;21","00;18;09;22","Everybody loves spin. It's adding spin. The chamber. Look. Bullets loaded. Yeah. Stop it. Yeah. Take the bullets out. Yeah, put it down."

"Mark","00;18;09;25","00;18;16;08","Yes, but Crabtree, he's got this all figured out. Mm hmm. This is the act of aware."


"Mark","00;18;16;26","00;18;18;14","Who are there? Who?"

"Sarah","00;18;18;17","00;18;25;14","Which, of course, Crabtree would know all about because he loves that stuff. But Jimmy says Wendigo."

"Mark","00;18;25;14","00;18;30;28","Wendigo? Absolutely. And. And Murdoch's solution is furries."


"Sarah","00;18;35;16","00;18;37;10","Now, first, Jeffery."

"Mark","00;18;37;10","00;18;38;24","Reference on murder."

"Sarah","00;18;38;27","00;18;45;25","He doesn't say furry. Let's separate that. You're getting dangerous. People with lycanthropy are not furry."

"Mark","00;18;45;25","00;18;53;03","No, but people who dress up and act like animals, which is exactly what Murdoch says are furries."

"Sarah","00;18;53;05","00;18;58;23","Or people who are people whose beliefs relate to having spirit animals."


"Sarah","00;18;59;13","00;19;00;22","Like the shaman."


"Sarah","00;19;01;12","00;19;02;14","Or furries."


"Sarah","00;19;05;13","00;19;10;05","But they're not usually realistic wolves with big bloody teeth."

"Mark","00;19;10;07","00;19;13;01","No, they're. They're lightly pink or blue."

"Sarah","00;19;13;03","00;19;27;15","They're fuzzy. Yeah. Friendly looking. Yes. Yes. I would have loved if they had introduced somebody like George, shown up wearing a wolf furry costume that had a police uniform."

"Sarah","00;19;27;15","00;19;29;00","On and."

"Sarah","00;19;29;00","00;19;34;21","Said, I think I can lure it out, Know, that would have been awesome."

"Mark","00;19;34;21","00;19;47;02","Oh, welcome to my image. Search for the next troop. Who did you not know was in this episode and our super pleased that is in this episode. Doctor Roberts."

"Sarah","00;19;47;02","00;19;48;03","Yeah. You like."

"Mark","00;19;48;03","00;19;49;20","Him? I always love him."

"Sarah","00;19;49;27","00;20;07;13","I think he always looks kind of sinister. I think it's his eyebrows. He's got sinister eyebrows. And as rich people are portrayed as being and not so great early medical professionals are usually portrayed as being not so great because they're wealthy and treat poor people. Yeah, usually not."

"Mark","00;20;07;13","00;20;07;29","But he's."

"Sarah","00;20;07;29","00;20;09;15","Pretty good. But he's all right."

"Mark","00;20;09;15","00;20;13;12","He's very Antonio J. Not a re."

"Sarah","00;20;13;13","00;20;14;14","Not a real person."

"Mark","00;20;14;14","00;20;15;13","Made up."

"Sarah","00;20;15;20","00;20;17;19","Not a real lycanthrope."

"Mark","00;20;17;22","00;20;21;29","No nice bit of writing here. I've never written in that carriage before."

"Sarah","00;20;21;29","00;20;30;25","And Crabtree, who did not grow up wealthy and is not a privileged person himself, makes very little money, is still kind of like what really?"

"Mark","00;20;30;26","00;20;31;25","Well, they're like."

"Sarah","00;20;31;25","00;20;38;25","There is a big gap between the way they live and Crabtree, I don't think appreciates it until that point."

"Mark","00;20;39;00","00;20;40;23","Yeah, I think so, because he."

"Sarah","00;20;40;23","00;20;45;04","Just sees Jimmy as an equal. He doesn't realize how how different their lives are."

"Mark","00;20;45;07","00;20;49;04","You get the beat the Indian out of my line here which seems brutal but."

"Sarah","00;20;49;05","00;20;50;12","Is it's accurate."

"Mark","00;20;50;13","00;20;53;17","It is minuscule compared to what actually happens."

"Sarah","00;20;53;17","00;21;05;26","Yeah. Jimmy wanted to be a policeman and he couldn't. Yeah. So many people say I can't. I couldn't change the world. I can't change the world either. Yeah, but you can. Yeah, you can. Yeah. Julie as a doctor."

"Mark","00;21;05;29","00;21;12;08","Yeah. Speaking of Julia, it's no longer the morgue of flirting. It's the morgue of. It's complicated."

"Sarah","00;21;12;10","00;21;17;06","And I have someplace to be. Yes, I have an awkward date to go to. So do I."


"Sarah","00;21;18;07","00;21;18;20","I mean."

"Mark","00;21;18;26","00;21;20;20","I have a note that says I have a date."

"Sarah","00;21;20;20","00;21;30;02","Too. Yes. Oh, and by the way, other people have been killed like this with their throats torn out. Here's some notes, anyway. Bye. Let me put my hat on."

"Mark","00;21;30;04","00;21;35;03","Sharpened fingernails. What? What are they putting in people's fingernails?"

"Sarah","00;21;35;03","00;21;41;02","Yeah. Yeah, Well, it gives Julia a reason to hold Murdoch's hand. Yeah. And stroke his thumb."

"Mark","00;21;41;06","00;21;42;25","The wound is symmetrical."

"Sarah","00;21;42;29","00;21;45;00","To point out that he has a thumb."

"Mark","00;21;45;07","00;21;54;27","The hole when we get to who the killer is and why he kills, which I like. But the apparatus and some other parts of it are problem."

"Sarah","00;21;55;00","00;22;02;18","Yeah. Yeah, there's some issues there. What happens to a werewolves clothes?"

"Mark","00;22;02;21","00;22;05;11","These are good questions that Jimmy asks."

"Sarah","00;22;05;14","00;22;18;22","And Crabtree like, same. I know that to We have so much in common. It's like we're both regular people who should be treated like regular people. Hmm. What for? What do you think happens to werewolf close?"

"Mark","00;22;18;22","00;22;38;18","Well, okay, I would say because I'm a believer in the werewolf turning into the the not the Lon Chaney wolf man, but a wolf small wolf Wolf. I am of the belief that his clothes go away a ripped like in American Werewolf in London."

"Sarah","00;22;38;21","00;22;41;03","Oh, okay."

"Mark","00;22;41;03","00;22;45;08","And that's an American Werewolf in London. He wakes up naked in the zoo."

"Sarah","00;22;45;14","00;22;50;19","Yeah. And his clothes are shredded. When he changes. Yeah. So he can't put them back on. If you find."

"Mark","00;22;50;19","00;22;53;17","Him, it's like the Hulk. The Hulk should be naked."

"Sarah","00;22;53;19","00;23;10;02","I think. I like the Terry Pratchett Discworld explanation of werewolves better. Like, you know, you're going to change, so you take your clothes off, fold them, hide them, change, and then after you're done with your wolf stuff, you go back, change back to human, put your clothes back on."

"Mark","00;23;10;04","00;23;28;16","See that? That is what happens in the more modern take on werewolves that we've seen in things like Buffy and there's been another couple of shows where they know when they're going to change. They can find themselves during that change and are unclothed during that period."

"Sarah","00;23;28;16","00;23;33;11","Yeah, Naked wolf, people naked wolf. So all they had to do."

"Mark","00;23;33;12","00;23;36;28","The longest discussion was wolves, clothing."

"Sarah","00;23;37;01","00;23;41;29","So they have to do is just find the clothes and they know the werewolf is going to come back to them and they just wait."


"Sarah","00;23;42;20","00;23;46;15","And then the next naked person they see must be the werewolf."


"Sarah","00;23;47;04","00;23;49;06","Says, Solve it. The set."

"Mark","00;23;49;08","00;23;52;12","The the sewer set is really good."

"Sarah","00;23;52;12","00;23;53;21","That's no sewer."

"Mark","00;23;53;24","00;23;58;05","Oh, no, it's no sewer. But that set itself is creepy and good."

"Sarah","00;23;58;05","00;24;12;14","Yeah, I wonder where that is. I clearly like. Like an underground storage area. Catacomb, like, even cities as new as Toronto probably have. Or maybe Quebec has areas like that underneath buildings."

"Mark","00;24;12;15","00;24;18;14","Yeah, there's like, and there's some of those that are related to train tunnels."


"Mark","00;24;19;09","00;24;21;07","They just shoot to train tunnels."

"Sarah","00;24;21;07","00;24;22;23","Yeah, they're unparalleled for."


"Sarah","00;24;23;06","00;24;29;22","Like for people to get around and do maintenance. Yeah, Yeah. It looks very Victorian. London, Jack the Ripper."

"Mark","00;24;29;22","00;24;31;22","It looks fantastic in those kind."

"Sarah","00;24;31;22","00;24;34;18","Of and it's so drippy. Everything is so drippy."

"Mark","00;24;34;21","00;24;39;21","And there's, it's dark and they've got like it's straight out a hammer."


"Mark","00;24;40;18","00;24;50;12","Those scenes. I love them. Which is why I say this is a Halloween episode like clearly they had, they had that in mind doing those scenes."

"Sarah","00;24;50;14","00;24;55;01","Is there a limit on how many lanterns you can have? No, at this time."

"Mark","00;24;55;01","00;25;00;29","Also, those lanterns are sorry. The lantern."


"Mark","00;25;02;28","00;25;05;21","Is clearly an electric light."

"Sarah","00;25;05;23","00;25;12;12","But you know what? If you and I are going down into some kind of sewer catacomb area, we are both taking a light with us."

"Mark","00;25;12;19","00;25;14;14","We're not. I'm not taking a torch."

"Sarah","00;25;14;15","00;25;19;20","No, no, we're not taking one and sharing it. We both have one."

"Mark","00;25;19;22","00;25;23;00","Well, let's split up. But we only have one lantern."

"Sarah","00;25;23;02","00;25;34;02","The best thing about these scenes is they have common sense. They say maybe we should turn around now and go for help. Yeah. Not just one step further. Just around. One more bend."

"Mark","00;25;34;02","00;25;38;10","Now, Jamie and Crabtree are perfect. There is good."

"Sarah","00;25;38;10","00;25;42;24","Team. They're like, Wait a minute, this is stupid. Let's turn around. Go get reinforcement."


"Sarah","00;25;43;06","00;25;51;07","Let's not do that. Yeah. Meanwhile, back on the awkward bench. Now they do it in the park. Murdoch says. I have to admit, I like Julia."

"Mark","00;25;51;08","00;25;53;16","I have in my notes. Dum dum, dum."

"Sarah","00;25;53;18","00;26;00;10","Dum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum ba. And Enid's right. If you have a kid can't be big of the kid."

"Mark","00;26;00;10","00;26;05;24","You have to be thinking You have to murder that dump for a child."

"Sarah","00;26;05;26","00;26;07;05","Who broke up with him."

"Mark","00;26;07;07","00;26;09;07","I think she broke up with him."

"Sarah","00;26;09;07","00;26;18;02","Yeah, because he said he's willing to. To try. Yeah. For you. I would try to put Julia out of my mind. That's not."

"Mark","00;26;18;07","00;26;20;22","That is a red flag. Yeah."

"Sarah","00;26;20;25","00;26;25;25","I'll try. I'll see her every day. Yeah, and it'll be hard, but I'll try."

"Mark","00;26;26;02","00;26;27;10","Yoda's in the background."

"Sarah","00;26;27;15","00;26;28;18","No, no."

"Mark","00;26;28;20","00;26;29;11","Don't try it."

"Sarah","00;26;29;12","00;26;30;28","There is no try."


"Sarah","00;26;31;18","00;26;36;16","That. I don't blame Emma Enid at all for saying, you know what? That's not good enough."

"Mark","00;26;36;16","00;26;41;29","Like, like I said, I've been hard on Enid, but she has every valid reason to dump him here."

"Sarah","00;26;41;29","00;26;56;25","Yeah, Yeah, but I'm glad he's honest. Yeah. Do you think he's actually threatened by rent it, Reginald, or the idea of Reginald that Julia seeing other people, Is that what makes him hesitant? Like she's moved on, so I have to move on."

"Mark","00;26;56;28","00;27;13;26","He's always a jelly belly. Like he's always jealous of her mum for the next 15 seats. So I think he has. He's not toxically jealous. No, but I think he immediately doesn't like somebody else with her."

"Sarah","00;27;13;26","00;27;19;23","But none of this would happen if they hadn't run into them in the park. If he hadn't seen Julia and Reginald."

"Mark","00;27;19;23","00;27;20;20","I don't think so."

"Sarah","00;27;20;25","00;27;39;16","She would have fired his feelings a little bit longer. Yeah, and maybe just daydreamed about kissing her every other time he sees her. But awkward. Don't mind me. I'm just standing here looking my lips, making kissing sounds. I was just deep in thought. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I was distracted."


"Sarah","00;27;40;14","00;27;41;16","Summer's dead."

"Mark","00;27;41;16","00;27;43;17","Crabtree. Sticks up for Jimmy here."

"Sarah","00;27;43;22","00;27;46;14","Yeah. Oh, yes. And I can read. I can't change the."

"Mark","00;27;46;14","00;27;55;13","World Mama drama. The newer Breckin read would say. I understand, but I can't change the world. Yeah, he's a little better now, but."

"Sarah","00;27;55;13","00;27;57;17","But he gives Jimmy all kinds of credit."

"Mark","00;27;57;19","00;27;58;06","He does."

"Sarah","00;27;58;06","00;28;10;28","He praises Jimmy for doing a great job. Yeah, He doesn't treat him like other people would treat him. No, like the people who don't think he deserves to be in the place. He just knows that if he tried to make him a policeman, that other people would stop him."

"Mark","00;28;10;28","00;28;16;23","Yeah, they're all toffs under a full moon or best we get our tops inside during full moon."

"Sarah","00;28;16;24","00;28;19;26","Then I better go find Summers because he may be next."

"Mark","00;28;20;03","00;28;21;13","Yeah, some of that."

"Sarah","00;28;21;17","00;28;28;15","Yeah. Summers is dead after shooting a shotgun through his own office door."

"Mark","00;28;28;16","00;28;31;16","Yeah. You not think somebody would have heard that?"

"Sarah","00;28;31;18","00;28;33;06","I would think so."

"Mark","00;28;33;06","00;28;35;15","Maybe that's why the lights aren't working. He."

"Sarah","00;28;35;17","00;28;36;17","She shot him out."

"Mark","00;28;36;23","00;28;38;20","He shot the light switch."

"Sarah","00;28;38;22","00;28;45;10","It's not Billy. The killer. Shaman is also an electrician. He took that trip. The breaker or something."

"Mark","00;28;45;15","00;28;48;26","We're going to get to that."

"Sarah","00;28;48;28","00;28;51;00","He's a talented dude for a killer."

"Mark","00;28;51;00","00;28;52;13","He is a talented."

"Sarah","00;28;52;13","00;28;54;10","He's got multiple skill set dude."

"Mark","00;28;54;10","00;28;55;07","For a killer."

"Sarah","00;28;55;11","00;29;01;19","So all five of the victims were on that shooting party in Muskoka. Is Muskoka a real place?"

"Mark","00;29;01;19","00;29;02;09","Yes, it is."

"Sarah","00;29;02;09","00;29;04;19","This Muskoka lodge A real place."

"Mark","00;29;04;22","00;29;08;05","I would assume there's probably several Muskoka lodge."


"Mark","00;29;08;24","00;29;12;29","It is commonly referred to now as cottage country."

"Sarah","00;29;13;04","00;29;19;21","Oh. Where everybody goes to spend their bank holidays and their summers in their summer. How far away is it from Toronto?"

"Mark","00;29;19;26","00;29;21;00","An hour and a half."

"Sarah","00;29;21;03","00;29;22;18","Oh, that's so far."

"Mark","00;29;22;18","00;29;26;12","Well, yeah, really? You're in the middle of nowhere at that point."

"Sarah","00;29;26;14","00;29;32;18","Well, in 1896. Well, if you walk a block outside Toronto, you're in the middle of nowhere."

"Mark","00;29;32;20","00;29;56;06","So the joke is, for those of you from America who don't know Canada, first of all, 80% of the population lives within 100 miles of the U.S. border. Yeah, right. So it's concentrated around the southern border. Yeah, because it's so fricking cold. Yeah. And desolate. The other thing is, when you're out of that zone, it is desolate, empty wilderness."

"Mark","00;29;56;06","00;29;57;19","Nowheresville is."

"Sarah","00;29;57;19","00;30;01;07","Populated. Shouldn't you? Yeah. Yeah. And a bear."

"Mark","00;30;01;09","00;30;12;00","My, my brother has to drive for from ah, where my mother lives to where he lives. It's 15 hours and sometimes he sees people."


"Mark","00;30;13;27","00;30;17;26","And that's because he's on the national highway. Yeah."

"Sarah","00;30;17;28","00;30;23;03","Like you look for the nearest Tim Hortons sign and know that there might be a person there. And that's."

"Mark","00;30;23;04","00;30;28;16","There. The communities in Canada that you get to buy fly that's."

"Sarah","00;30;28;16","00;30;30;20","Still today, there still are tons."

"Mark","00;30;30;20","00;30;31;01","Of them."

"Sarah","00;30;31;03","00;30;33;14","But Muskoka is not like that. It's no that far out."

"Mark","00;30;33;15","00;30;38;01","No Muskoka is now where you go for your mate to Ford have lots of fun."

"Sarah","00;30;38;05","00;30;42;17","Because you can drive there and drive back. Yeah yeah. Not super easy. Well, Julia finds a tooth."

"Mark","00;30;42;19","00;30;46;01","Yes, but it's been drilled through this."

"Sarah","00;30;46;01","00;30;49;03","Wolf has had some dental work and needed a filling or something."

"Mark","00;30;49;03","00;30;53;04","I'm sorry. I was thinking about kissing. You know."

"Sarah","00;30;53;06","00;30;55;25","Just. It's so."

"Mark","00;30;55;25","00;31;00;17","Awkward. I notice my mind is in your pants."

"Sarah","00;31;00;20","00;31;22;12","I want to see what it looks like to Julia. Yeah, right. Because we go into Murdoch's mind. But Joy is standing there with a tooth, and Murdoch is just like Mum. My mum. Julian's like, Hello, Earth to Murdoch. What are you doing? Oh, never mind. I'm fine, I'm fine."

"Mark","00;31;22;17","00;31;26;23","Okay, so now we have another scene with."

"Sarah","00;31;26;25","00;31;28;05","The awkward bench."

"Mark","00;31;28;08","00;31;29;08","The awkward bed."

"Sarah","00;31;29;10","00;31;31;27","Is super awkward. Now, does this is it?"

"Mark","00;31;31;27","00;31;44;06","I was hoping you'd come through a different decision to best you go in my notes. I'm like this at the end. Finally. What else could there be? Nothing. Murdoch, get up and leave."

"Sarah","00;31;44;09","00;31;53;22","What did she think he was going to do? Go away and go. Julia's gross. Hey, Julia. Hate Julia. She's nasty. She's gross. I don't like her. Okay, Now I can be with in it."

"Mark","00;31;53;28","00;31;55;27","If you are committed, I'm."

"Sarah","00;31;55;27","00;32;00;09","Going to stick to this rubber band on my wrist every time I think about kissing Julia. Okay?"

"Mark","00;32;00;12","00;32;11;04","People like you to all of themselves, especially Murdoch. If he is committed to be with in it, he says, I am committed to be with you. I want to be with you."

"Sarah","00;32;11;04","00;32;13;02","But he doesn't. And that's it."

"Mark","00;32;13;06","00;32;15;26","If he did, he would say these things."


"Mark","00;32;16;12","00;32;20;08","And not say anything about Julia? No. And she would feel better."

"Sarah","00;32;20;10","00;32;21;28","Yes, but he's not."

"Mark","00;32;22;01","00;32;28;20","But he has to tell the truth. Yes. This is why the stupid green cheese scene is in here."

"Sarah","00;32;28;22","00;32;29;28","Because he has to tell the truth."

"Mark","00;32;29;28","00;32;33;15","Because he's has to tell the truth compulsively."

"Sarah","00;32;33;16","00;32;53;00","But I'm glad he does. Because if he's strung in it along, we have to see her more. Yeah. No worrying about her feelings. I just don't want her in that sense anymore. So now he has to, like, go after Reginald and knock him off, you know, because Julia's got, you know, he's got competition. Yeah. So there's that when he's going to go."

"Sarah","00;32;53;00","00;32;53;16","Do you."

"Mark","00;32;53;17","00;32;56;26","No, no, no. He's going to go find Mr. Jensen."

"Sarah","00;32;56;28","00;32;57;27","Mm hmm."

"Mark","00;32;58;00","00;33;02;22","Who was the guy who kind of organized the hunting trip? He, by the way, has."

"Sarah","00;33;02;22","00;33;03;19","Lost his mind."

"Mark","00;33;03;19","00;33;14;04","There are a lot of hunting trips. There are millions of hunting trips that go on every year without incident. But, boy, none of those happened in detective shows."


"Mark","00;33;14;29","00;33;17;16","Every time there's a hunting party, something goes wrong."

"Sarah","00;33;17;20","00;33;42;02","It's men going away together and doing things that no one will know about except the people on the trip. Yeah, and sometimes that ends badly. Yes, Like when you kill your guide. And don't kill your guide and leave him to die. Yes. That's one of those bad things that rich asshole guys would do. David Fortunately."

"Mark","00;33;42;03","00;33;45;04","They find Jensen shooting his empty gun."

"Sarah","00;33;45;07","00;33;48;05","I'm like a scared baby."

"Mark","00;33;48;06","00;33;55;29","Yes, baby. He jumped out the window. That's a good thing. It's terrifying. Yeah, We. We, of course, know what's going on."

"Sarah","00;33;55;29","00;33;58;22","He gains his composure a little quickly. I think we've."

"Mark","00;33;58;22","00;34;05;18","Seen this a million times, but I remember the first time going, It better not be Jimmy."

"Sarah","00;34;05;20","00;34;06;19","Could it be Jimmy?"

"Mark","00;34;06;22","00;34;07;16","It could be."

"Sarah","00;34;07;16","00;34;15;07","Yeah, theoretically, yeah. You never see the wolf and Jimmy at the same time before this. Yeah, it could be Jimmy, but it's not."

"Mark","00;34;15;12","00;34;16;15","It's not Jimmy."

"Sarah","00;34;16;18","00;34;19;23","But I kind of like seeing Jensen so scared. He deserves it."

"Mark","00;34;19;25","00;34;22;04","This episode has a lot of set."

"Sarah","00;34;22;07","00;34;44;03","Yeah, it does. The way he talks about the guide. When they shot him. Yeah. He wasn't dead. Nobody was going to die, So we just buried him under some sticks. Yeah. That poor man. Yeah. Mortally wounded. And you just put some sticks over him and left him. Yeah. Let's just go have a beer. I, I hope that put a damper on their trip."

"Sarah","00;34;44;05","00;34;51;23","I hope Hardy came back kind of bummed out arguing with his wife. Don't get on my case. We buried somebody alive. I don't want to talk about it."

"Mark","00;34;51;25","00;34;57;10","So this leads me to the question I asked you at the top of the episode. Werewolf. Why is it werewolves?"

"Sarah","00;34;57;13","00;34;58;24","Because who are the werewolves?"

"Mark","00;34;58;24","00;35;00;17","I believe they are the werewolf."

"Sarah","00;35;00;17","00;35;01;07","The hunters."

"Mark","00;35;01;07","00;35;02;24","The hunters of the werewolves."

"Sarah","00;35;02;26","00;35;04;13","They. They are the monsters."

"Mark","00;35;04;13","00;35;12;17","They wound somebody and leave him for dead, and he is transformed. Yeah. So."

"Sarah","00;35;12;24","00;35;18;20","And then they change back to right? Yeah. They changed from being monsters to just rich assholes."

"Mark","00;35;18;20","00;35;24;15","Yeah, I think that's why it's called werewolves. And I think that's really well done. I think."

"Sarah","00;35;24;15","00;35;28;03","So too. What I don't think is very well done is that Toronto sewer map."

"Mark","00;35;28;06","00;35;32;04","Yeah, that's not a Toronto or."

"Sarah","00;35;32;06","00;35;33;11","It's a street map."

"Mark","00;35;33;13","00;35;34;18","Street map."

"Sarah","00;35;34;21","00;35;42;22","Because if that's all the sewers, like, and they're all like straight like that, like a grid like that, I don't think it's going to work very well."


"Sarah","00;35;43;18","00;35;50;06","I looked up a London sewer map from the same time. Yeah, it's crazy wacky spider web."

"Mark","00;35;50;06","00;35;51;26","B Yeah, it needs to."

"Sarah","00;35;51;26","00;36;10;23","Be. You've got all of these, like smaller tributaries that go into neighborhoods leading back to these big, like trunk lines of the sewer. That's how they have to be designed. This one is like a bunch of right angles, like they have stoplights down there or something like, okay, here, the sewage takes a right turn."

"Mark","00;36;10;23","00;36;12;04","Sewage can't turn right."

"Sarah","00;36;12;05","00;36;16;04","No, no, it doesn't have blinkers. It doesn't care about traffic signals."


"Sarah","00;36;16;22","00;36;18;14","It just put it wherever there's a street."

"Mark","00;36;18;14","00;36;25;08","And like, even these people would know you can't dump everything into Lake Ontario right at Front Street."

"Sarah","00;36;25;11","00;36;27;13","No, like they did. They got."

"Mark","00;36;27;13","00;36;31;10","Them down. Yeah. Down in the Rouge Valley."

"Sarah","00;36;31;11","00;36;46;21","Downstream. A little bit. Yeah. Otherwise it makes the later scene that happens at the beach very different. Yeah. Nobody's swimming in the lake if that's what's happening. So they find. Is this the bear trap?"

"Mark","00;36;46;22","00;36;52;18","Yeah. So is this the first sequential killer on Murdoch Because he's a serial killer?"

"Sarah","00;36;52;19","00;36;53;22","Yeah, I guess."

"Mark","00;36;53;26","00;36;55;12","He's killed five men."

"Sarah","00;36;55;12","00;36;57;06","I think he's a spree killer."


"Sarah","00;36;58;07","00;37;08;00","Not a serial killer, because he's definitely, like, picking people off a list. One at a time. Yeah. In order like, it's a long spree that he's on."

"Mark","00;37;08;02","00;37;12;13","Is that before or after he to engineering school to learn how to make that trap thing?"

"Sarah","00;37;12;16","00;37;17;16","Well, he's a guide. He's a hunter. He knows about bear traps. All he has to do is attached to it."

"Mark","00;37;17;16","00;37;22;12","And wouldn't they notice them? The telegraph office?"

"Sarah","00;37;22;14","00;37;26;17","Well, I don't think he wore his wolf outfit when he went into the Telegraph."

"Mark","00;37;26;19","00;37;29;20","This is half blown off and you're in a wolf outfit."

"Sarah","00;37;29;22","00;37;31;02","He was shot in the chest."

"Mark","00;37;31;06","00;37;34;06","Are you a furry?"

"Sarah","00;37;34;09","00;37;42;05","I just want him to go in with the bear trap on his hand and use it to talk. I would like to send a telegram. Jake asked."


"Sarah","00;37;43;07","00;37;50;15","Meet me at the old factory. They can't see me doing this puppet motion with my hand. I can. You can do it at home."

"Mark","00;37;50;15","00;37;53;27","Now put your hand up and do a puppet."


"Sarah","00;37;54;29","00;38;19;11","I am a bear trap with teeth. It's impressive engineering. It's impractical as a weapon. Yes. So you have to crank it open, which is not easy to do because they're spring loaded. They want to be closed, right? Yeah. So you have to spring it open and then put the pin in it to keep it open, run it somebody I holding it out in front of you and then put it on their neck and pull the pin out and smack the bison."

"Sarah","00;38;19;11","00;38;21;08","I don't think that would work."


"Sarah","00;38;22;01","00;38;26;08","And then or maybe or No, wait, maybe it's on the chain."

"Mark","00;38;26;11","00;38;28;26","Throws it. Yeah. Woo."

"Sarah","00;38;28;29","00;38;43;24","And he throws it and when it reaches the end of the chain it's snapshot. Oh he could do it from a distance. Maybe like a ninja. Yeah. I, it opens and closes on the way there. I know again."

"Mark","00;38;43;25","00;38;51;23","So a great bit of writing. He was a shaman, but the missionaries put an end to shame and it's sad. And he has to be a guide."

"Sarah","00;38;52;00","00;39;02;02","Yeah, right. Which is a fall in stature, for sure. Yeah, because I'm sure he's treated like crap as a guide. Yeah, He has to do everything for these pansy idiots. They still got his outfit."

"Mark","00;39;02;04","00;39;08;25","So They find the bedding that it's warm, and they're confronted by this individual sad doubt."

"Sarah","00;39;08;28","00;39;13;07","And I feel bad for Brack and Reid, too, because he has to shoot them. He Has no choice, no."

"Mark","00;39;13;14","00;39;16;19","Bracken Reed and Brack. And Reid is good and upset about it."

"Sarah","00;39;16;19","00;39;21;04","This is the old suicide by cop trope, right? But it's sad."

"Mark","00;39;21;07","00;39;35;27","Yeah, it's absolutely sad. And and he is upset by it. And when Dr. Robert gives him his card, he said, Oh, and then he takes the card. And I think again, there's so much good stuff there."

"Sarah","00;39;35;27","00;39;42;14","Yeah. Because this would have been long before they offered counseling to policemen. Yeah. Trauma cops will do it."


"Sarah","00;39;43;02","00;39;52;02","Just shape up. Be a man. Yes. I love that. Crabtree tells Jimmy to go join the Pinkertons. Yes, because the Pinkertons did take First Nations."

"Mark","00;39;52;02","00;39;53;17","Because they were smart."

"Sarah","00;39;53;24","00;40;05;23","Well, and part of what the Pinkertons did was undercover work. Yeah. And so they needed people who could blend in and, yeah, they're going to be first Nations peoples in those communities. It makes sense."

"Mark","00;40;05;26","00;40;07;18","So I and Jimmy's good."

"Sarah","00;40;07;18","00;40;08;27","So yeah."

"Mark","00;40;08;28","00;40;16;19","I was actually surprised by how quickly after this there was a constable, there was First Nations."

"Sarah","00;40;16;21","00;40;18;20","How long when? When did it happen?"

"Mark","00;40;18;20","00;40;38;13","His name is Alex Dakota. He's a maty, which means his mother was Cree and his father was European. So he's of mixed heritage, Right? Grew up, went to a residential school of all bit. 1909. He joined the Edmonton City Police as a constable."


"Mark","00;40;39;20","00;40;46;10","Yeah, so this is like less than a decade later and by 1914 he was running his own station."

"Sarah","00;40;46;15","00;40;48;04","That's awesome. Yeah."

"Mark","00;40;48;06","00;40;58;29","He was a sergeant by 1914. Then before that, in 1912, he went to the Olympics in Sweden and represented Canada."

"Sarah","00;40;59;00","00;40;59;24","In what sport?"

"Mark","00;41;00;02","00;41;06;27","5000 meter running. Wow. He finished second in his qualifying heat, but he got cramps and didn't finish that."

"Sarah","00;41;06;27","00;41;12;25","Hey, I'm impressed with anybody in the middle far. Yeah, I can't run that far then."

"Mark","00;41;12;25","00;41;29;03","Okay, so like, you're like, this guy's a great guy. Yeah, I absolutely think that. Well, no, he signed up for the First World War, joined a battalion of sportsmen, and unfortunately, he met his end via a sniper at Passchendaele."

"Sarah","00;41;29;04","00;41;34;21","And he would have been a volunteer. Yep. Right there. They weren't drafting people for World War One in Canada."


"Sarah","00;41;35;06","00;41;36;05","So that's amazing."

"Mark","00;41;36;05","00;41;43;19","1917, he has a park named after him in Edmonton. In the street. Absolutely fantastic. Interesting guy."

"Sarah","00;41;43;22","00;41;44;26","Then we talk about Jules Verne."

"Mark","00;41;44;26","00;41;52;13","Now can we talk about why are we still dealing with Enid Crabb?"

"Sarah","00;41;52;15","00;41;56;03","Murdoch takes over in a buck. Owens. I don't even know where my mom is."

"Mark","00;41;56;06","00;42;00;28","I can't read. I don't care. She's out with what's his name."

"Sarah","00;42;00;28","00;42;10;16","Yeah, she went back to her floozy job. Now that you're not going to be my money daddy anymore, she's got to pay for."

"Mark","00;42;10;16","00;42;12;25","That house somehow. And both Sarah's."

"Sarah","00;42;12;26","00;42;13;25","Now regular job."

"Mark","00;42;13;25","00;42;29;03","We are such maniacs. Because you think Sarah said I did this thing? I said, Yeah, I did that, too. Which was? Figure out if I would Olwyn would have been alive when man landed on the moon."

"Sarah","00;42;29;10","00;42;46;24","Yeah, because I think he's maybe seven. Yeah. You thought maybe he was older. Maybe if he's seven in 1896, he would have been 80 and 1969 he very well could have lived to see man a man on the moon. The book though, that Murdoch gives him absolutely cracked me up."

"Mark","00;42;46;29","00;42;48;16","So the Jules Verne book."

"Sarah","00;42;48;17","00;42;53;00","It's the Jules Verne from the Earth to the Moon. But do you know the plot of that book?"

"Mark","00;42;53;05","00;42;54;07","Okay, so."

"Sarah","00;42;54;12","00;42;57;25","Because it kind of mirrors some things in the episode in a funny way."

"Mark","00;42;57;25","00;43;01;07","Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah. A group of scientists?"


"Mark","00;43;01;26","00;43;06;17","Who are like, academics. Like magicians. That's how they're in the movie."

"Sarah","00;43;06;19","00;43;09;19","Oh, not in the book. They're gun club members."

"Mark","00;43;09;20","00;43;11;12","Oh I didn't know that."

"Sarah","00;43;11;19","00;43;12;14","Because what they do."

"Mark","00;43;12;15","00;43;13;22","They make a big bullet."

"Sarah","00;43;13;22","00;43;15;20","They decide to build a big gun."

"Mark","00;43;15;20","00;43;17;25","They make a big gun, and they shoot it at the."

"Sarah","00;43;17;25","00;43;21;04","Moon. The president and the gun club's name is MP Barbican."

"Mark","00;43;21;04","00;43;35;06","Well, I'm sorry. Actually, to get into space, you have to like, go to Terminal Island. It's like I thought my mom dubbed you."

"Sarah","00;43;35;08","00;43;44;23","Here so boring. MP Barbican is one of the best names. It's almost as good as the name of that guy in the right."

"Mark","00;43;44;25","00;43;47;10","Which she was."

"Sarah","00;43;47;13","00;43;48;22","In the robot, no less."

"Sarah","00;43;48;25","00;43;49;29","But yeah."

"Sarah","00;43;50;02","00;44;12;00","Yeah. He So he proposes This is the from the Earth to the Moon MP proposes that the gun club build a big gun big enough to launch a rocket to the moon. But when their adversaries place a wager on whether they'll be successful or not, they decide not just to build a big gun to get to the moon, but to make it a manned flight."

"Sarah","00;44;12;03","00;44;21;05","And the adventure begins. Yes, but yes, it's a gun club that decides to build a giant gun big enough to fire something at the moon."

"Mark","00;44;21;05","00;44;21;25","Do yourself."

"Sarah","00;44;21;25","00;44;29;20","A credit. They think this dude was going to get back. If it takes a big gun to shoot you to the moon, it's going to take a big gun to shoot your back."

"Mark","00;44;29;20","00;44;37;22","I'm not going to spoil it because I'm going to tell people to go watch from the Earth to the moon because them getting back is interesting."

"Sarah","00;44;37;23","00;44;43;26","What year was that movie made? Like, is it a seventies movie? Is it an old black and white?"

"Mark","00;44;43;26","00;44;47;23","Oh, it's the Melly Brothers. It's one of the first movies ever made."

"Sarah","00;44;47;23","00;44;51;19","Oh, okay. Okay. So it's an old movie. It's a silent movie."

"Mark","00;44;51;19","00;44;55;13","You know, the moon that gets the rocket stuck in space. It's from that."

"Sarah","00;44;55;14","00;45;12;16","Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, that explains part of it. The moon is a man, and that he probably just throws them back. You just shot me in the face with a giant bullet. I'm not going to be happy with you if I'm the moon. You're. I have to look up here. It's okay now."

"Sarah","00;45;12;19","00;45;15;06","Now that we know that it's an old black and white movie, that's all we need to know."

"Mark","00;45;15;07","00;45;19;04","1902 Because Last Voyage, De La Loon."

"Sarah","00;45;19;06","00;45;24;11","Because there are movies made of Jules Verne books more recently than Yes."

"Mark","00;45;24;11","00;45;26;05","So it was one of the first, though."

"Sarah","00;45;26;11","00;45;29;02","But I was wondering. Enid's gone."

"Mark","00;45;29;09","00;45;36;26","Enid is gone. We have one more episode of this season and it is a doozy."

"Sarah","00;45;37;00","00;45;38;19","We get to meet Murdock's brother."

"Mark","00;45;38;19","00;45;42;19","We get to meet Murdoch's brother who's a mountie. Anything you can."

"Sarah","00;45;42;19","00;45;44;03","Do, I can do better."

"Mark","00;45;44;03","00;45;45;03","You know where that's from?"

"Sarah","00;45;45;06","00;45;45;29","It's a song."

"Mark","00;45;46;00","00;45;55;19","Yes, from Annie. Get your gun. Yeah. Yep. So, Ethel Merman is famous for singing because she made that role very famous on Broadway."

"Sarah","00;45;55;20","00;45;58;18","I used to sing it to my sister just to make her uncomfortable."

"Mark","00;45;58;21","00;46;11;21","As you should. That wouldn't come out anything On the 9th of October this week. We'll also have a newsletter come out on Wednesday. Yeah. And then and the newsletter will have Halloween pictures too."

"Sarah","00;46;11;21","00;46;17;11","But in the meantime, jump on Instagram, hop in the alley, which is our History Channel."

"Mark","00;46;17;11","00;46;20;15","Only place to get pictures that I've posted publicly."

"Sarah","00;46;20;15","00;46;27;17","Including Mark sitting and a giant straw thrown. Yes. If you haven't posted that when you have to. Now I called you out."

"Mark","00;46;27;22","00;46;36;28","Yep. And we're taking the 16th off because I will be in Cannes and not. No, no. Not watching the new Murdochs."


"Mark","00;46;37;18","00;46;42;14","Or hockey. But I will maybe get to see my nephew wrestle though."

"Sarah","00;46;42;17","00;46;45;20","Not not school wrestle. No, no, not rules wrestle."

"Mark","00;46;45;20","00;46;46;02","No, no."

"Sarah","00;46;46;02","00;46;50;27","Rascal, like jumping off the rope. Yep. Go, Charlie."

"Mark","00;46;50;29","00;47;17;12","Go, Chuck. October 23rd will be the Father Brown Season one Episode one Hammer of God Remix Wicked, Wicked. And then, of course, October 30th, we'll be off because it's Halloween and we're incredibly busy and sane and oh, and then we'll continue Father Brown after that in November. Yes. My gosh, November seems so far away and October starts in hours."

"Sarah","00;47;17;12","00;47;26;15","Yes. So until then, be sure to write in your diary about anybody who you think might be trying to kill you. Yes. Important. Yes. And any good scone recipes you."

"Mark","00;47;26;15","00;47;31;27","Find if you have a bench of uncomfortable break ups out in front of your house, maybe."

"Sarah","00;47;31;27","00;47;32;18","Move it, put."

"Mark","00;47;32;18","00;47;33;11","A plaque."

"Sarah","00;47;33;13","00;47;35;23","There, give it to a neighbor, let somebody else."

"Mark","00;47;35;25","00;47;39;03","I don't know where my mom is here. What is? Why are you here?"

"Sarah","00;47;39;11","00;47;43;26","She's somewhere on the awkward bench. All right. Bye, maniac."

"Mark","00;47;43;26","00;47;55;27","Bye, maniac."


"Sarah","00;47;59;11","00;48;00;28","Get him some French bread."

"Mark","00;48;01;00","00;48;02;09","Mary Steenburgen."

"Sarah","00;48;02;10","00;48;05;01","Mary Steenburgen. And that's who I was thinking of."

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