Episode 183 - Father Brown - "The Flying Stars" - Not THAT Addams Family!

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 183, a killer who is not Uncle Fester uses an oar as a murder weapon! We also discuss inappropriate clothes to be buried in.
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Show Notes

Wormington Grange Matterport Scan

Miโ€™Ladies Boudoir Coronation Chairs Post

Happy Valley Set

6-20 Camera

The Flying Stars by G. K. Chesterton

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Schedule for October
  • November 13 - Father Brown S01.E03- "The Wrong Shape"
  • November 20 - Father Brown S01.E04 - "The Man in the Tree"
  • November 27 - Father Brown S01.E05 - "The Eye of Apollo"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
Sarah Smith-Robbins
Co-host of Mystery Maniacs
Episode 183 - Father Brown - "The Flying Stars" - Not THAT Addams Family!
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