Episode 185 - Father Brown - "The Man in the Tree" - Throw Father From The Train!


And throw them out the window.

Hey, maniac.

Hey, maniac.

Welcome to Mystery Maniac.

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Each week,
we dig into an episode of the show,

including the murders, the mayhem,
the loonies, and everything else we love.

This week,
Father Brown, the man in the tree.

Season one Episode four. I'm Mother.

Oh, are you?

Like foreign markers on the murder?

I'm Sarah.

I realized watching this again that.

No, actually, I'm Tom Hanks.

Oh, that's right.

Somebody said they thought
from your voice, you look like Tom Hanks.

I realized watching this episode
that I thought.

I thought about how many episodes of shows

with either man
hanging from a tree or dead in the tree.

Mysteriously in a tree of sorts.
Two trees.

There's a murdoch. There's this one. Yeah.

Then there's a show
where somebody is parachuted into a tree.

Yeah. I can't remember.

And they find him.

You know, one where that person is dead
and another one where they take him in

and hide him.

Yeah. So that's like two of them.

Sort of dudes. Intruding.

But there's at least four mystery shows
episodes that start with dudes injuries.

but they call this the man in the tree.

If they call it the dude in the tree,
it would be quite different.

Would be very different.

He'd have, like,
cowboy boots and everything.

The umbrella in the tree.


Before we dive in, I have recommendations.


Because I thought, Hey, it's Thanksgiving
week here in the U.S..

If you're elsewhere,
you can also enjoy Thanksgiving vibes.

For the people outside of the U.S..

It's like a week
holiday in the middle of November.

I don't really understand it.

I've been here 20 some years.

Supposedly related to pilgrims
and made flowers and stuff,

but really, it's just an excuse to eat

a lot of really good food,
hang out with family and take a few days.

Off, apparently.

Watch football.

Yes, the American football.

Yes. You are looking for something
to watch on TV.

However, that is not football
or parades or Hallmark shows.

Yeah, which seem to be a thing now.

I mean, it's like I.

Don't understand those movies.

I'm sorry,
marathon of formulaic Hallmark movies.

Sorry, if you like. I'm
looking for something else to watch.

I have some recommendations. Excellent.

And on a side note,
a few people have asked

if I would start a thread on the mystery
maniac subreddit

that is just for recommendations
and I'm going to do that. Yes.

And I'm going. To plans are in the works.

I'm going to put these on there
along with others that I have mentioned

in previous episodes.

So here we go.

A few things that you can catch,
so you can get a piece of paper out

and a pen or memorize it or whatever.

I don't know, look in. The show notes
because I'm.

Not in the show notes
because your link to it.

So the first one is a show that we just
watched recently on Netflix called Bodies.

Which started as a graphic novel. Mm hmm.

It's a time traveling murder mystery.

I'm going to say it's a little bit dark.

Yeah, it is a tiny bit gory,
but the mystery is very good.

And unlike a lot of time travel shows,
they stick the ending.

So it's kind of like mystery plus sci fi.

Yeah, but the time travel
really isn't the important part.

The thing that is important is that
everybody in from the future has bad hair.

Yes, really bad hair.

That's what we have to look forward to
in 50 years, according to this show.

However, the mystery is really good.

So it's called Bodies and it's on Netflix.

Then I have a couple of Britbox

These are kind of hidden gems
that maybe you don't know

are there
because they've been there for a while.

So one of them is the Gil Maio mysteries.

Yes, they're kind of light.

They're kind of funny.

They take a little bit of suspension
of disbelief, but they're really good.

I mean, they're just a. Cute
little love story.

And they're single episode mysteries.
They're really fun.

The team is good.

There's a nerd who they call anorak.

You know, it's it's just fun.

The team is very good.

The detective is quirky.

Yeah, but competent,
you know, which is always nice.

So that's the Gil Mayo mysteries.

Check those out.
Those are on Britbox right now.

Another Britbox show
that is relevant to what we're covering

today is Murder in Provence. Yes.

And this stars Roger Allam.

Yes. Who has been in midsummer,
but he's also in.

Oh, he never he is the origin of the of.

The shepherd's pie being buried. Yes.

Field in midsummer.

And the origin of the Triumvirate,
which is being in Moors Endeavor and.

Lewis Yes.

You may be
the only human who has done that.

Yes, I agree.

But also, Nancy, Carol is in them.

Who plays Lady Felicia in Father Brown?

It's a I don't
it didn't receive very positive reviews

when they released it
because I think people were confused.

It takes place in Provence.

And Roger Allam plays a barrister
who you would think, Oh, that's a lawyer.

But in France,
a barrister is like a detective, sort of.

They don't speak in French accents
even though they're in France.

And that's kind of strange,

but they are supposed to be French,
not like Brit expats,

but if you can put all of that aside,
their relationship is really fun.

They solve murders together, mysteries

The scenery is beautiful.

Yep. Murder in Provence.

And then I've just got two little side

These are both on ACORN that again,
people may have missed them

because they're not big shows.

There's like one or two seasons,
but they're totally worth a watch.

One is Kingdom,
which has Stephen Fry in it Kingdom.

He plays it, he plays a lawyer.

If you ever watched
like Northern Exposure.


Or what's the Martin Clune one
where he plays a doctor?

Doc Holliday. No.

It's not Doc Holliday.

Doc Martin.

Doc Martin

It threw me because that's his first name.

It's kind of like that.

It's like a little seaside town.

It's full of characters.

Stephen Fry is amazing,
and it it's just thrilling.

Everybody, Sister is amazing.


And you'll keep shouting
like midsummer in summer.

The Echo terrorist twin
brothers are fantastic.



Just it's just quirky
and it's just really fun.

It'll make you smile
and that and that's on ACORN.

It's called Kingdom.

And then my very last recommendation
for this week is really out there.

It's also, like I said, it's also on
ACORN, and it's called Ladies of Letters.

And Ladies of letters is not a mystery.

There's no crime.

There's no attorney.

So it's kind of outside of our box.

But if you like, funny, if you like Mrs.

M and Father Brown,
you should watch Ladies of Letters.

It's about two women who were friends
earlier in life who now exchange letters.

They have very different lives, and it's
completely told through their letters.

And it's based on a radio show
and it is wholly serious.

It is.

Incorrect. Scathing and smart. Yeah.

And they're

like one upping each other all the time
and judging each other all the time.

But in these friendly,
passive aggressive ways, you get to see

the character like narrating their letter,

like they're writing the letter out loud,
but while they live their lives.

And so you get to see this contrast
between what they claim

is going on in their lives and what's
actually going on and it's just so funny.

So it's called Ladies of Letters,
and it's also on ACORN.

I think there's only one season of it.

Yeah, but it is so funny.

You got to you got to give it a shot.

You initially, you're like,
I don't know about this.

Get two episodes into it
and you'll really appreciate it.


So that's my recommendations
for this week.

Bodies Murder in Provence, The Gilmore
Mysteries Kingdom and Ladies of Letters.


That's plenty to keep you busy.

Yes, because next week
we'll have another Father

Brown remix and we will have another one
the week after that. Yes.

So if you've already listened to the
Father Brown episode five and six before

and you know, you skim through the remix
to get the good parts

that are added, the new bits
and you need something to fill your time.

There's five shows for you to choose from.

Yes, and welcome new list.

We definitely have new listeners.

Since we started doing Father Brown,
we've seen a change in the numbers

and that's fantastic. Yeah.

And so new listeners, we covered
three episodes from Father Brown

roughly a year ago when we were exprimé
ending with the format.

And now that we're doing four seasons, we
didn't think to redo those episodes now.

So five and six will have old Sarah
and Mark a year ago.

Sarah We've changed.

So I don't know what
we'll be talking about.

And then after that we will return

with all sorts of goodies
for the new Year and Christmas.

Yes, we like to do.

Are you ready to talk about
the man in the tree?

I am ready to see Lady Jeff walking
through a field at the golden hour.

I could have watched that scene
for 10 hours.

She's got the hat on.

She's got her art supplies in her wedge

And needs to be on the big screen.

Yeah, it's very pretty.

Until the blood drips on her face.

Until the blood drips on her face and.

She has the big screen. Still.

She is the is this the First Lady
Felicia Scream episode?

I don't know.

But Nancy
Carroll is always good for Scream.

She was good at screaming in midsummer.

Because they they lean into it
hard at some point.


If blood dripped on my face from a tree,
I would scream.

I would also show or.

Just pass. Out, especially if I. Throw.

Up to do with this.

And he's moaning.

But socks and suspenders. Saw.

I watched this

on Britbox via Amazon Prime.


So Amazon Prime does the x ray thing

where they've got the trivia and the actor
information and stuff up on screen.

If you have her on screen, the trivia
for this one, it's not trivia.

I think it comes right from IMDB.

Yeah, it should be called either
the actually corner

or the pedant corner like that.

It's not trivia that Mrs.

M wouldn't put her casserole on the stove.

She'd put it in the oven.
That is not trivia.

But that's your opinion.

That is Pedant Corners. Yes, absolutely.

I just. Turn that off. To.

The guy in the tree isn't dead.

No, but he's bleeding.

Well, because he fell from a train
theoretically out

a window from a viaduct
and was lucky enough to land in the tree.

They do a good job of not

showing the viaduct here because,
of course, it's nowhere near where.

Oh no. Well, you see it once. Yes.

When they're carrying him. Out in no.

Relation to the instrument.


As soon as they say viaduct. I'm, I'm like

having trauma

flashbacks from that stupid time team
where they dig for a viaduct

for a whole episode
and they don't even find it in Wales.

They dig the biggest toll they are.

My gosh, it's like ten stories
deep, looking for a viaduct

for a train underground.

And they concluded the end of it.

And I know this is spoilers
for a reality show that's 20 years. Yes,

they conclude that maybe it was torn down

and they took away all the pieces. Yes.

I guess it's not here anymore.

Wow. It's the worst time team episode.

Our second worst. Second worst.

Only people who watch Time team
will understand that so far.

There's a train.

Yeah. Excited
because I looked up the train.

I know exactly what train it is.

But then I realized I looked up
that train.

Yes, it's the same train.

The same.


Which, you know, it would be how many?

This is not a hustling and bustling place.

How many trains actually come
here? No. Two.

Campbell Ferguson.

I have a burning question for you, Sarah.

Okay. Father Brown picks up Father Frank.

Why he's called Father Frank I don't know.

Is that his first name?

And his last name isn't a monetary name.

He's from Germany.

Why is it Frank all sorts of problems
with that name?

Well, he's not called Father Deutschemark.

A Frank would be French.

She is. Now.

So he's there

to pick up father Deutschmark
because Bishop Talbot, who we see in later

episodes, who is without a doubt
an idiot. Yes.

If Bishop Talbot picked him up.

Would any.

Father Deutschmark get away with all this?

I don't know if
if the bishop met him from the train,

would he have just escorted him
to Campbell? Ford has.

The whole plan is for him to stay
in, Campbell.

For why?


to to give this peace sermon on a Tuesday,

I guess.

And the bishop was going to be there.

Just to meet him on the train.

I mean, I didn't I don't know.

I mean, is he touring?

Is he going other places?

You father Deutschmark,
you know, next stop, Liverpool.

I don't know.


And also, okay,
so let's get this out of the way.

The original father, Frank, is a Nazi
doctor. No.

Is a Nazi?

Yes. A Nazi priest.

A Nazi who became a priest? Yes.

Why on earth with this guy
want to go to England?

Because he hate.

Like, why would he not want to go?

Like because he wants to flaunt.

I'm going to go to Argentina for a
for a holiday.

Yes. Appear.

Yeah. Like, do you know you lost the war?

I just want to know
who is running the priest exchange program

because they're not screening
the priests that they're sending around.

What did you do
before you entered the priesthood?

Oh, you were a Nazi and you killed people.

Okay, let's send you to England.

I can't believe that this episode
is happier, funnier and low.

Less low key
than the last episode. Yes, it.

Yes, We.

Were kind of like,

sort of traumatized
by last week's episode,

I think, effort
that it took to had to make it fun.

And it was an effort. People.

Oh, by the way,
one of our most listened to.

Because people are like, they can't do it.

They can't do it.

I dare them to make fun of this stuff.
I dare them.

But afterwards you said, Well,

at least next week's
episode is just about a Nazi.

And I was like, Hugh, that's good.

no one blames you personally, Father.

we know that you weren't a Nazi.

Oh, but you were. Some sort of.

If you were actually him.

So they meet.

They meet Father Frank on the train. Yeah.

And said, get off the train
rather rapidly.

Oh, he's just found money in a wallet
and sell it.

And Annie gets off the train.

The bad girl of Kim Beaufort,

the bad middle aged girl from Campbell.

They do such a good job
at making her human

and not stereotype interesting. Hmm.

I think that.

For such a short episode,
she's a pretty filled out character.

She is.

She's a criminal, but she's not evil.

She's nasty, but she has a reason and
she's only nasty to people who deserve it.

And later on and we didn't talk about this
and we should have

she names people that
go to his church. Yes.

Not like like that's always the veiled

threat of the prostitute,
like the people who come to see me.

You wouldn't believe.

Now she's like Mr. Jones.

Mr. Smith? Yeah, like. Your friend Bob.

She names Paul to.


As a like,
I should really take notes about.

She's not holding back.

So Annie's just gotten out of prison.

She's been in prison for a year. Yeah.

Which I think she's been in prison
for prostitution.

I think so.

Because she's the madam of Camelford,
I guess.

Well, I love how
and this is a great characterization

thing here, that this is not a secret G.K.

Chesterton story.

Right. This is a right.

That this is original.

And they do
they try to maybe cram a little too much

fifties England in it,
but they do a good job.

But Mrs. M won't say prostitution.

And Lady Felicia said

the prostitution didn't help it.

Well, the father, Brown says,
and he's had a rough life.

Yeah. And Mrs.

M says, Well,
that doesn't excuse her being rude.

And Lady Felicia says,
But it does explain the prostitution

soiree at my place later.

But that's clearly the best joke so far.

Well, she only came to church
to get up people's noses.

Yes, it's such a great phrase. Yeah.

Because you know exactly how annoying
it is to have something in your nose. Yes.

She's in your. Nose.

So there's a nice viaduct

and there's an ambulance
that says Birmingham on the side.

Mm hmm. Words Birmingham.

Do you know where it is?

I don't know where it is in relationship
to where Camelford is supposed to be.

So Camelford
supposed to be in the sort of Middle East

of England, in Birmingham,
like right in the middle.

So it's probably the biggest closed city.

Okay, So.

So it does take him to the local village
hospital, not to Birmingham.

And Mrs.

M mentions Coventry in the cathedral
being destroyed.

Yes, that was also very close.

Yes, they and that was one of a.

Majorly damaged or two.

I feel legitimately bad for Susie
during this episode

because she's been traumatized
by this war.

Understandably so.

And then there's a German in the house.


I can't imagine how that would feel.

Like it is implied.

It's never said, but it's implied
that Susie has lost her family.

Or father specifically in this situation.

And that.

But her whole family, she's a refugee.

She has nobody.

Like not treated by Polish people,
by German people nicely.

Oh my gosh.

The Poles were. Treated in
some of the. Worse.

It's just must have been.

And I use this word not to belittle it,
but the level of discomfort

and comfort in Europe
for like ten years later.

Oh. For 50 years, Yeah.

To this day, there are still people
who can't shake that connotation.

But man, the two, the Nazis,
the Poles were disposable people.

Yeah, period. Absolutely.

So she got out of that.

She escaped.

That got to England,
settled in this little safe place.

Where she's being treated really well.

And then the bad guy shows up in her.

Yeah, basically, I can't.

I think she's actually very restrained.

Yeah, I agree with that.

Now, Father, Deutschmark,
Frank is very kind to her.

He I can only imagine what the real father
Frank would have been like.

Oh, he would have been horrific.

He would have been making jokes
under his breath in her.

Yeah. He would have been hideous. So.

Okay, so let's go over this thing
that they do really well here.

So you, Father Frank gets off the train,
you know that

he is somehow related
to the guy who is in the tree.

So you are assuming the first time
you view this that the person playing

Father Frank is actually the Nazi
and he's trying to escape. Yes.

And that he's
pushed a priest out of a train.

So you feel back tend to. Bill Yeah.


Sometimes they call him.

So you, so you, so you feel bad for that.

And then they do the thing
that flips that he's actually the Nazi.

Yeah, that bill is the Nazi.

Bill's the Nazi. And the priest.

So you are kind of right, but.

But wrong
and you kind of doddering it out.

You understand?
So you understand the doctor?

Yeah. Like this man killed my family.

You actually have some sympathy for Father

Yeah, absolutely.

Even now,
he pushed the priest from a train.

There's an incredibly good comic.

Throw Frank, from the train.

That came out in the fifties
that is in a horror anthology like this.

That is kind of like this idea
where a guy in New York

sees a Nazi on a subway train
and what he does about it.

Yeah, because trains were so ingrained
in the psyche.


Of what's going on here.

it's like seeing somebody on a plane now.

Yeah, but you couldn't push somebody
from a plane.

No, people would notice that.

I think.

Of course,
this is the train with nobody on it.

We can confirm that Sid is on the train.


Christie is on the train
and he is on the train.

The Nazi and Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I mean,

Father Frank.

And Phil.


That appears to be
the only people on the train.

Yeah, because wouldn't you go?

That's it. The priest I saw before. Yeah.

Like Sid would notice that.

The priest change.

Clothes and then he's like dragging him
down the hall or.


And throwing him out the window. I'm like.

Didn't nobody notice this?

It was first class. Yeah.

Things happened in first class and people
look away.

that's just how they are in first class.

And he's got a boyfriend,

He's on the train and she's still getting
propositioned by men on the train.

Well, they do a very.

Does she have a sign
that says I'm a prostitute on.

No, but if,
if a guy they do a good job of saying

if a guy thinks there's
any way in there, he's going to try it.

If there's a chance. And and like.

You could if there's a remote chance,
that woman could be a prostitute, Right.

I'm going to proposition her
and see if it works. Like.

How to get slap.

Let's go over Bill's crimes here.

First of all, war criminal. Yes.

Second of all,
I don't think he's a very good priest.

No, I don't think he would be a very good.

I don't think he would be sincere
in his beliefs.

No, no.

Especially when he's confronted,
he's like, I'm still a Nazi.

He's not like, oh, I know, I know.

What I did was wrong.

I know. I just saw God now and No, no, no.

Don't be like he's. He's not redeemed.

Incredible misogynist.

He's like, Oh, well,
I'm alone on the train.

And so she's okay. Yeah.

Yeah. Like, he is horrible.

You throw him from the train.

Put him back on the train,
passed him off again.

Everybody can help. Everybody grab a lamb.

One, two, three.

Toss from the train.

Viaduct is needed.

No trees.

Learn in polish
to make Susie feel more at home.

Dad is the most genuine
nice thing ever that he could do.

Now, you'd been in the U.S.

for quite a while when I met you. Yes.

I've been here, oh, seven years.

Six, seven years. But.

But should I have learned some Canadian
to make you feel more at home?

You should. You should. Oh.

I don't sound Canadian name.

Not anymore.
You didn't when I met you either.

But I thought about this and I asked

I to generate some conversations
with using Canadian. Oh,

I guess I.

Could, you know,

integrate them into our conversations
to make you feel more welcome.

So this was there is Canadian phrasebook.

It was horrible.

Thought it was so horrible.


I'm just going to read one
of these conversations that it generated.

Okay. Okay.

This is
this is its best effort at Canadian slang.


And conversations
that would make you feel welcome here.

Okay. Okay.

How's it going?

Okay. People kind of say like.

Oh, no, according to this, they said
at the end of every sentence, Oh, okay.

Sometimes in the middle.

Not bad.

Just chilling at the cottage
with some Timmy's. Okay.

Cottage Cottage culture is big in Canada
and Timmy's is Tim Hortons, so.

Yeah. Okay.


Sounds like a beauty Day It that. No.

Yeah, it's pretty nice out.

I want to go for a rip on the lake.

I go for a route,
I have gone for reps on the lake.

Sure. I'm down.

Let me grab my to commit. Okay.

Why would you be going on the Loop
Lake with your to get your man?

All right.

Don't forget your parka. It's a bit
nippy out there.

Okay? No.

No worries.

I'm used to it.

I'm Canadian, after all.

A Well, Canadians do constantly
refer to themselves and tell other people

they are Canadian.

True that, buddy.

Let's go. Yeah.

How do you feel?

Do you feel more at home?

No, no, no.

It's like the Bob and Doug Chili.

It's a strange brew. Canadian.

Canadian baking. Beauty.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Yeah.

The other one
it generated was about hockey.

And it did mention
putting the biscuit in the basket.

Yeah. And talked about the Leafs.

Who won today by the way in Sweden.

And says ends the conversation with

I got to go work off this Molson muscle
I'll catch you later.

I've no idea.

That's a beer belly apparently.

It's actually ever said that.

Now you
should feel more welcome in our country.

Mostly what Canadians say to me now is
can you explain the politics

of the United States to us, please?

Because we don't understand. Nope.

No, no, I cannot.

If they ask me the American,
I would say no.

What do you think of Christi's
relationship with Annie?

I think are they genuinely in love?

I think and and especially at the end,

I do think they are fond
and happy together.

I think so, too. And I like it.

I like it a lot.

I wish they weren't so stubborn

about not talking about it
because it causes some problems here.

Not as much problems as the bishop
not showing them,

but it does.


I can't stop thinking about this now.

Okay, so the bishop meets the priest? Yes.

I fully accepts it.

Now, let's let's say let's say he didn't
the priest didn't

get thrown from the church, but the actual
Nazi priest gets off the train. Yes.

And the bishop meets them

and then takes him to Camelford
and puts him in Father Brown's house.

And Father Brown calls the bishop
and he's like.

He's a Nazi.

Maybe I.

No, Father Brown,
you're such, you're moron.

You're always meddling in everything.
You should stop.

And Germany, you better priest.

He's like, No, really, he's a Nazi.

He he keeps saluting and stop.

No, no, you're full of.

That one time.

He's a Nazi. Yeah.

Oh, come on. Father Brown.

Misses them.

Would be like you're
just being too judgmental.

You need to be more like Jesus.

But he's a. Nazi.

You drew a swastika on the Barnes.

He's a Nazi.

That would have been a fun episode. Do.

Oh, my gosh.

I can't believe the
episode about Nazis is for

the last episode.

I think you're right about Christie
and Annie, though.

I don't know how Christie makes a living.

He's a rag'n'bone man,
which means he buys and sells stuff.

He begs well, but he also buys things
from people and sells things to people.

But in Camelford.

What is that, 30 people? Yeah,
it can't be a lot.

But he doesn't even have to go around
shouting Rag'n'bone man.

No, because they're all like,
There's a horse and buggy outside.

It must be Christie.

It's a very British thing too.

I do remember people stopping at our house

when I was a kid asking
if we had anything to sell.

I would. Love town.

My father was a guy who sold stuff.

Yeah, so he. Was bit.

Different because of that.

Let him come by our house and say, Do
you have anything you want to get rid of?

Sure. Back it up.

You got a truck? Okay.

Well, looks and stuff in there.

You don't need to buy.

No, no, we don't need any money for it.

You can have it.

Take all this stuff. Yours. Take it away.

It's a big couch.

Yeah, it's your couch.

Yeah, I have.

This printer doesn't work anymore.

I don't think that falls
in the categories of rag or bone.

No trash from our house.

But you can't
yell that while you're in your wagon.

Trash from your house.
They're on my. Back.

Oh, boy.

Is Christie wearing his jacket inside out?


At least in one scene. He is. He is.

The lining is on the outside.

The seams are inside out. It's weird.

And then when Father Brown
is sitting there talking about the St

Michael painting the hangers on sideways,
I know I'm in Pedant corner now.

but the rope goes from top to bottom.

You couldn't hang it up that way.

St Michael would be sideways
like he was flying like Superman.

Well, okay, we then move to what I like
to call Sid's problematic trailer.

Do you
think that's on Lady Felicia's Land?

I think it probably is.
I think it is, too.

Yeah, because she owns an estate now.
We know that.

Sid Later on his latest
ad, this trailer. Yes.

If the trailer is a rock and.

At home, I guess.

But what's problematic to me is

he has no awning
and there's a lot of stuff in there.

What if it rains?

It gets what you only put the stuff
outside that you don't mind getting wet.

There are some things there.

I looked at them. I was like, No.

I gotcha. He grabs it and puts it inside.

I don't know.

What if he's like stealing a wallet or.

If he's busy riding his motorcycle
and it starts raining.

Never mind the fact that we meet at
this Lady FS party.

This was said and it's. The barn soiree.

Yes, because Sid drives up in his brand
new motorcycle and says.

Form an orderly Q ladies. Oh, I love it.

You post right up to the door. Yeah.

He practically does a donut
in the middle of the soiree.

I love said so much.

Yes, he gets better.

He does.

He's kind of tame
in these first few episodes,

but he shows up with that big grin
wearing his helmet.

Yeah. Ladies. Yeah.

So when

when when Father Brown goes to see Annie,

she kind of throws him out,
and the old biddy sees.

Well, okay, rewind.

She doesn't want to let him in.

because he's going to ask her questions.

She's hanging around in her nightgown,

which to me is like,
Oh, maybe she's open for business.

Maybe she's not so dedicated to Christie.

I was like, And.

Then I'm like, No,
maybe she's just in her nightgown.

I was uncomfortable, but you should
definitely go with Father Brown.

He fixes her taps and she's seen in there
with her nightgown open. Yep.

He's a priest.

Yeah. Close your robe.

Hide your satiny things.

Yeah, he's a priest.

he starts to ask the tough questions.

He fixes the. She throws him out.

She throws him out,
and she does the smartest thing

because she knows about nosy
neighbors. Yep.

And she basically. Puts on a production.

She's like, I can't believe
you said those things to me.

You're disgusting. It's the talkers
who are the most deviant.

And the it is like thinking notes, right?

Then she's got her head
scarf on her watch.

Yeah. Oh,
Mrs. M's going to hear about that.

Speak. You, Mrs.

M, she's going to read to Bill,
but Lady F is going to read my.

Love for to.

A book That
would have been incredibly scandalous.

Still, yes, I'd.

Tell her she's just carrying around
with her flowers.

Yeah. Mrs. M is.

They're trying to be the most Christian

and charitable like they
they have this charity off.

But Lady Felicia is like.

But he's good looking.

What if he wakes up and he's like, Hey, I.

you're on the make and he's in a coma?

Yeah. Back off, lady. Come on.

Have some class.

She needs to be dressed smarter.

Murder by now.

Never mind.

You're both sitting there
taking good care of an evil not Nazi.

Mrs. M must just be like, Huh?

I can't believe I.

I read the Bible to not see the way
she treats Father Frank like that.

The digs.

Yes. Every dig, every single dig.

Every opportunity
she can poke at him. Yep.


And she's sitting there
reading to the actual bad guy.

Yes, but that's the whole point, right?

I imagine you never know.

I imagine that.

That said,
grandma is just as sweet as she can be.

Oh, I can imagine.

And completely as told by him
and just thinks he's just the best boy.

And would be like, Oh, yes, I'll say that.

If. You need me too.

Okay, darling, I can see that.

Do you want $50 still.

Wilhelm, who's throwing the priest
from the train? Yes.

Is actually a doctor. Yes.

And that's why he offers
to take care of Susie's hand. Yes.

It doesn't explain why he kisses
her, though.

Oh, because he's not a priest. Yes.

And the old biddies appear out of nowhere.

This town of Old Betty.

They can teleport to any scandal.

Break. They're just there.

They have to hold their hats,
but they're there.

Well, it's the power of the pucker.

Yeah, that helps them teleport somewhere.

There's something that needs to be judged

The age of teleporting old Betty.

Packard, Betty's, I think Mrs.

Emmons, the leader of the club.

It it wouldn't bother me so much,
but they use it

twice, almost exactly
the same way in this episode.

If you had that power, wouldn't
you use it? Yes.

If you could teleport to scandal,
would you use it? Yes.


So it comes out that Annie
and the Rag'n'bone man

together doesn't work and that the guy in
the train tried to put.

The moves on Annie and.

And he's like, No, not the priest.

The guy in the train
who is dressed as the priest.

Yes, Doctor.

The Dr.

Brown father Brown figures it all out.

It's not Doc Brown.

That's the guy from Back to the Future.

That would be completely different. Yeah.

And we have that great
moment of Father Brown figuring it out.

Ha ha.


the fake priest takes off.

Well, he tried twice now
to finish off the priest?

Yeah, the Nazi and the bed. Yeah.

So he tries it one more time.

I think Father Brown let them go.

Oh, I think so.


But before that, there's
another problem with this town.

It is the teleporting old biddies as well.

So, Father Brown, Father
Frank, the fake Father Frank.

Which really should be the episode.

Wilhelm Wilhelm runs out of the church
and Father Brown finds him.

He steals Father Brown's bike.

So Father Brown is left resourcefulness.

But luckily, this town is full of crap.


who just leave their things lying.

Around by the church door.

Yeah, could have tripped on that.

That's what kids do. They just drop bikes.

They just drop them.

Well, there's more than a bike there.
Did you see?

What else is there?

No, a skip rope.

This is a dangerous combination.

The teleporting bodies could trip on that.

What would happen?

They would teleport into a gravestone
or something and die here.

So there's a bicycle chase
that leads to the hospital.

Father Brown locks the door
so that he can talk to Wilhelm.

They really should have played either
the Benny Hill

music during the bicycle race
that dented or not.

Yakety sax or the Wicked Witch of the West
Song signifies.

Did it, did it did it to do to.

He's riding the bike, chasing them.

One of them should have been
a little BMX bike. Yes.

That would have been funny.

With pink tassels.

Yes. And a basket angling Ringling.

So he basically tries
to kill the Nazi again,

but instead
the Nazi guy is having a heart attack.

So he uses the wonder miracle cure

or CPR to save the Nazi. Yes.

Because Father Brown believes
that he's a good man on the inside.

I don't I don't know how effective
chest compressions

would be on that rickety old bed.

They don't know either.

I also wondered.

So, Father Brown,
we learn, was in the war.

Oh, yeah. Do you.

Think Sid would have been in the. War?

No, I think he would have been
too young to young.

Yeah. Because I think he's like 20.

So he would have been like ten.

Yeah. He would have been like ten.

Yeah. Mrs.

M brings Susie some coffee
and that's a big thing. Yes.

And because for Mrs.

M, Susie is a servant. Yes.

It doesn't matter where she's from.

And this is the first like.

She constantly accuses
Susie of being lazy.

And so for her to bring her
coffee is nice.

And she could have easily Susie could have
easily said

you were aiding and abetting the Nazi
and doesn't say that.

No now.

As for Lady F was about to jump in bed.

Susie is a better person than Lady Emma's.

Yeah, that's all there is to it.

Yeah. The rag boatman and.

And he drive by
and everybody's so happy. The.

And, and Sid's like, I. Love you.

And he gets to wear a bowler.


I'm glad they didn't pursue this.

Susie said couple thing.

I'm glad they didn't do that.

They're better as friends.

Yes, but I think it's sweet
how nice he is to her.

I think so. Too.

It helps us understand
that he's a good person.

Yes. Who's
just a little outside the law sometimes.

He's naughty. He's not bad.

Yeah, He found a wallet with 50 bucks
in the in the trash.

And bought a motorcycle right away.

He motorcycle right away.

Who among us is not made a decision
like that?

You're not?

Have you ever bought a motorcycle
with money you found in a trash can? No.

Okay. Me either.

I guess that wallet
didn't have any ID in it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Because I think Sid
is a good enough person that he would

have come forward and said okay,
I didn't get the money

for my grandma, I got it from a wallet,
I found it in the trash.

But it does have ID for Bill.

Yes, I think he would have admitted it.

Yeah, if that was the case.

But that would have ended the episode.

Yes, it would have though.

Instead we get Annie and Christie
writing on the Rag and bone thing,

starting a musical number or something
as they ride off into the sunset.

Yeah, absolute best corpse.

There's only the one.
And he doesn't really die.

Yeah. No one dies in this.

He does a good job of laying around
looking scratched. Yes.

After the credits,
I think Christie and Annie work it out.

And I think they ride the wagon
into the sunset.

As I mentioned.

Yeah, I think more.

Where do you think Doctor Frank goes?

Dr. Wilhelm?

some place where he can create a new life

and not have the Nazis pursue him
and not have the Allies pursue him.

And that's it.

Finds a nice lady and marries
her and settles down.

There you go.

And becomes a Nazi hunter.

He's off to Argentina.

You could do that. We've said Nazi a lot.

The main character who never

speaks the man in the tree
that the episode is named after is a Nazi.

It's hard not to use a.

Pretty good gig to get second billing.

Yeah, he does.

He has to lay on a branch and moan
and drip and then he gets to lay in a bed.

Yeah, that's it.

That's what he has to do.

Well, no, he talks Nazi stuff to the dogs.
That's true.

They do their reenactment on the train.
In the train?

He talks.

Nazi doctor.

And he's not into that either. No,


too far.

It's the talkers who are the worst.

They're the worst. He's
a good example of that.

Yes, he's the worst. Yeah.

We all agree Nazis.

Yes, that is that is our big takeaway.

Even if they're in a tree,
they're the worst.

The end. Oh, boy.

What is the man? The tree.

So the next two weeks, what
we're going to do based on some feedback

that we got from people.
Thank you for that, by the way.

Is we're going to do replay episodes

five and six, which are the eye of Apollo
and the Bride of Christ.

But we're going to have a little bit
now what I'm going to do with this,

because I love you listeners. I do.

I love you
is I'm going to rewatch the episode

and then relisten to our episode
and then make up a new intro and exit.

And I will also add
some new recommendations.


First, some things that you can watch
or listen to that you might like.

So they'll be reasons to listen.

And I'm going to pay
particular attention to something

if we missed it
that we screwed up or something like that.

Okay, so though I don't think we ever
do because we're perfect.

Far from it.

Well, I am Tom Hanks.

Actually in pedant corners.

But actually,

I'm pretty sure
that I've used interchangeably.

C k, J.K., R k. W.K.

Chesterton. Chesterton k k.

You always get the last name, right? Yeah.

I hope you all if you're in the US,

you have a great Thanksgiving this week
full of family and really good food

and that you get to relax a little bit
and have a little peace and quiet.

So he.


After those two episodes,
which include the Bride of Christ.

Let me just say, if you're not the US,
I hope you have an excellent week, too.

Yes. I'm not just saying
only Americans should have a nice we.

Know everybody should have a nice.



Was the Canadians
now I'm talking to them now.

In Canada, there's no holiday in November.

Oh, right.

It's a long.

That's a tough month. Very much, you guys.

Every month.

October has Thanksgiving
and Halloween in Canada.

So that period of time

from the 1st of November to Christmas
is a dark days in Canada.

The time changes.

You know, you're north of the North Pole.

It's cold.


Oh, he got his teammates
said to keep you happy.

The Leafs haven't got the year
going on yet.

There are other teams you know.

Yeah it's it's it's a rough time.

Not as rough as February

which thankfully is another month
with no holiday in Canada.

No civic holiday.

You're supposed to just sleep
through February aren't you.

There isn't that.

Sometimes times in February in Canada
I would walk to work in the dark,

stay inside day, walk home in the dark.

It's lovely.

Just with darkness all. The time.

Well, I'm trying to end this episode
on a happy note.

Mark. Yes.

So after that, we will return
with our holiday plans. Yes.

Yes, I'll.

I'm not going to tell you what it is,
but I'll tell you what it's.

Not we're not doing a song.

We're not doing a song this year.

We're not I'm trying to take it easy
in November, In January and February.

We're going to do something else.

Yeah, but it's going to be awesome. Yes.

Don't worry. Be awesome.

So that's something to stay tuned for.

Anyhow, that is this week's episode.

We will see you for the next two weeks
with some remixes,

with some fun stuff added
and then we'll see you after that.

We will return on December

the 11th, I believe, with with.

Brand new stuff.

Yeah. Yes, December
11th is brand new stuff.

All right. Until then, bye. Bye, Maniac.

Never mind the fact that we missed
Lady Fuller.

She's Lady Phyllis.

Why don't I start over?

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