Episode 190 - Midsomer Murders - "Book of the Dead" - The Wheels On The Bus Are SQUARE!

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 190,Sir Modem A special message to Chloe Freak. BUTTS!

Show Notes

Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 190, three people including Sir Modem are killed by a bad parent who didn't do it all for the Butts! A very special episode for Chloe Freaks!

Watch Like A Maniac
What’s punky in the church?
A:Punky pink lady

What time does Barnaby eat breakfast?
A: 9:13

Why is Ludo’s name important?

Who is Venitia’s psychic?
A: Meg Anderson

What wouldn’t have fit in Bertram’s backpack?
A:The glass globe

When it’s 5:30 at Kahn’s Kollectibles what does the clock point to?
A: We are not sure

What number bus does the green alien ride?

What two things are allowed in the pub?
A: Ducks and Dogs

Pink Haired Lady



Fenn Treasure

Push Nevada



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Schedule for January
  • January 22 - E192 - Midsomer Murders - S24 E03 - "Claws Out"
  • January 29 - E193 - Midsomer Murders - S24 E04 - "A Climate of Death"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
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Episode 190 - Midsomer Murders - "Book of the Dead" - The Wheels On The Bus Are SQUARE!
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