Mystery Maniacs Podcast is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to British Mystery Television. Formerly, Midsomer Maniacs.


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Episode 133 - Mystery Maniacs - Poirot S01E01 - The Adventure of the Clapham Cook - Oi! I Put The Legacy On The Barby!

First Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 133(Poirot S1E1), a killer makes a cook disappear and everyone suspects white slavers! -----------------------------------...

Episode 132 - "The Witches of Angel’s Rise" & Mystery Maniacs Sneak Peek

In Podcast 131(S22E06),a killer uses a plastic wand, and a tarot card as a way to cope. A live episode with a sneak peak of Mystery Maniacs! -----------------------...

Episode 131 - "For Death Prepare" - Purge Fluids, Eye Jive, & The Murder Trunk

In Podcast 131(S22E05),a killer uses a treasure chest, street drugs, a nail gun and battle axe that was lying around to try to thin the cast of a Gilbert & Sullivan pr...

Episode 130 - "The Scarecrow Murders" - Thea’s Horrific Fringe & The Stalking Cabinet

In Podcast 130(S22E04), victims are choked, stabbed and hammered but are still outnumbered by scarecrows! Also, we let you in on some of the definitive Mystery Man...

Episode 129 - "Happy Families" - She Rubs the Lotion On Frankenstein’s Monster's Platter

In Podcast 129(S22E03), our detectives must tippy-tap in stripey jim-jams, and nothing else, down a half-height hallway to solve an anagram that is not “Chew Ham Tit”…...

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