Midsomer Maniacs is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to ITV's long running TV series, Midsomer Murders. Join Mark & Sarah each week as they rewatch the entire show from the beginning.


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Mini-episode 15 - "The Scarecrow Murders" - Giant Betty and the Time-travelling Locksmith

In Mini-episode 15, be on the watch for giant Betty, scarecrow patterns and numbers, a time-travelling locksmith, great corpse acting, a weird bird theme, the windy w...

Episode 101 - "The Dagger Club" - Mangled By Propellers

In Podcast 101 (S17 E01), a killer uses roulette wheels, a printing press and a knife to prove a point that they could have years earlier. Get your face onto that prop...

Mini-episode 14 - "Happy Families" - Winter's Banana Hammock

Spoiler Free! In Mini-episode 14, we ask you to look for animals playing instruments, Jonathan Creek’s friends and a banana hammock! Maniac merch! - https://shop...

Episode 100 - "The Killings of Copenhagen" - Biscuits of Death, Soco Peacock & Stunt Baby

In Podcast 100 (S16 E05), an international mystery includes the cookies of death, malicious forking and being wrapped in plastic! Sarah and Mark go live! Sign up f...

Episode 99 - "The Flying Club" - Flying Fete, Zpitfires & Giant Wrenches!

In Podcast 98 (S16 E03), a killer uses wild boars, truffle oil and a killer plant to prove their love. Don’t eat the curry or have seconds! Sign up for our newslet...

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