Episode 175 - Murdoch Mysteries - "Big Murderer On Campus" - Mom, Mom, Mom & Dad Are Fighting!

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 175, a killer uses a cart , a naked lady and some silica to settle an academic dispute. Meanwhile Mom, Mom, Mom & Dad are fighting!
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Sarah Recommends 
Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie - https://www.britbox.com/us/show/Alan_Carr_s_Adventures_with_Agatha_Christie_100886

Agatha Christie and the Dandelion Poisoner
 - https://www.amazon.com/Agatha-Christie-Dandelion-Poisoner/dp/B0CCSPW5V5

Big Man on Campus

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Mark & Sarah


Schedule for August & September
  • September 4- Murdoch Mysteries S02.E08 - "I, Murdoch"
  • September 6 - September Newsletter
  • September 11 - Murdoch Mysteries S02.E09 - "Convalescence"
  • September 18 - Murdoch Mysteries S02.E10 - "Murdoch.com"
  • September 25 - Murdoch Mysteries S02.E11 - "Let Us Ask the Maiden"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
Sarah Smith-Robbins
Co-host of Mystery Maniacs
Episode 175 - Murdoch Mysteries - "Big Murderer On Campus" - Mom, Mom, Mom & Dad Are Fighting!
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