Episode 155 - Mystery Maniacs - Murdoch Mysteries - "The Glass Ceiling" - The Liver Closet & Rough Stitches

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 155, a killer uses trunks and ice to do something related to cereal? WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!

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Show Notes 

Photograph from start of episode

Constable stares at Camera

Oldest Sound Recording 

Juliaโ€™s Stitches

The Don Jail

Quiz Patents
  • Detonating Toy | Toy that looks like a hammer with a cavity for a detonating cap. One cap makes a big bang, Two caps will launch the hammer in an "amusing manner". | link
  • Combination couch and casket | A chaise lounge for the parlor that can be converted into a casket when the base is removed and then used as a lid | 
  • Ice Velocipede | A bycicle with a sled instead of a front wheel | link
  • Non-Fillable Bottle | A bottle that, once filled, can't be filled again | link
  • Baby-powered roasting jack | baby bouncer attachment to power meat turner | 
  • Wig Bang | A row of curls that can be pinned to your forehead or inside a hat to give the impression of a row of curls around your hairline | link
  • Water Closet Addition | Paper toilet seat covers with advertising printed on them that can also be used as toilet paper | link
  • Toy Marble Shooter | A gun for shooting marbles, to make the game more fun for those less skilled | link
  • ice hunting tripod | a belt attached to three metal dishes via metal rods, they serve as outboard balances so you can shoot while standing on ice | 
  • Corn holders | Wooden spike handles for holding hot corn on the cob | link
  • Extendable casket | A casket with an adjustable middle to make it longer or shorter | link
  • Classroom behavior improvement device | seat cushions for student desks, wired together to a control board on the teacher's desk. Flip a switch to give a specific student a shock | link
  • Sliding topped caskets | a jointed wooden sliding top for a casket. similar to the door on a rolltop desk | link

Thanks again for listening!
Mark & Sarah


Schedule for February
  • 3/6 - Murdoch Mysteries S01.E03 - "The Knockdown"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
Sarah Smith-Robbins
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Episode 155 - Mystery Maniacs - Murdoch Mysteries - "The Glass Ceiling" - The Liver Closet & Rough Stitches
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