Episode 192 - Midsomer Murders - "A Climate of Death" - Loo Roll Control

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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 192, terror reigns in an Eco Village during a Chilli Eating Contest that leaves a trail of bodies and social media live streams. FEET!

Show Notes

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What things can get you fined in Good Man’s Land?
A: Lights on and hot tub use. 

Who is the bird on wheels?
The app the village has. 

What is Nordic Spice?
A: New Midsomer brew.

What’s hotter than a burnt bagel?
A: Nothing!

What is Bamboobulk?
A: The soap product. 

Who has the most skulls?
A: Ken in Birch Barn!

Where is the gross ice cream cone?
A: At the Chilli eating contest. 

Who wants to marry Roadkill Ginny?
A: Justknowmw999

Which monkee is on the board?
A: David Jones. 

Lupo the Butcher (NSFW)

Brian’s Face!

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  • February 5 - E193 - Father Brown - S01 E09 - "The Mayor and the Magician"
  • February 12 - Father Brown - S01 E10 - "The Blue Cross"


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Sarah Smith-Robbins
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Episode 192 - Midsomer Murders - "A Climate of Death" - Loo Roll Control
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