Episode 192 - Midsomer Murders - "A Climate of Death" - Loo Roll Control

Feet would have been his feet.

Cower, big three.

Little piggy, feet free.

Hey, Max.

Hey, Midsummer mania.

Welcome to the last episode

of season 24 of Midsomer Murders. That

no know, It's 408 Episode four.

Okay. A climate of death.

And this is Mystery Maniac.

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Each week we dig up
an episode of the show, including

the murders, the mayhem, and the loonies
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This week,
Midsomer Murders Episode four of Season

24 A Climate of Death.

Ha ha ha.

This is the 140th midsummer episode.

That's awesome. It is.

This is the full episode of the podcast
for the show.

If you haven't watched it yet, go back
and listen to our mini spoiler free.

Then watch the episode.

Then listen to this
because we're going to ruin it.

We're going to tell you who the killer is.

Also, if you let your children listen in
to your livestreams from your head

and they mistake words for swear words,
it's probably not the podcast for them.

Because they've got dirty minds.

I guess.

I think it's more like if you overhear
your kids talking in the next room

and you could swear
that they were swearing,

taking probably. Yes.

This because Climate of Death

is maybe the most controversial episode
of Midsomer Murders ever.

A long time.

Because it might have an F-bomb in it
or not.

Maybe. Maybe.

Speaking of wonderful,
this is originally aired on Christmas Day.

It's the least Christmas.

The episode ever.

Definitely directed by Leon Lopez
and written by Maria Ward.

Now, in the many we talked about ways
to watch this episode like Maniac.

And when we encounter
one of those questions that we asked

and we have
the answer, Will pointed out yes.

In case you were stumped
by any of my crazy questions.

This is a great cold opening.

It starts with something we never go back
to and ends with the dead body.

Yeah, that's
what we that's why we come to Midsummer.

We're in Goodman's land.

The greenest village in midsummer with the
lowest carbon footprint in England.

For the third year in a row. Yes.

And the most tyrannical fascist
village council.

One person ever.

Do I ever tell you about the weather range
we used to have on top of the barns

where I grew up?
They were actually lightning rods.

That makes sense.

But they were beautiful.

They're these tall, black spikes

with glass bulbs in the cooler
that were super cool.

Did they catch lightning? I don't know.

But Terry climbed up on top of the barn
and took one.

Your brother?

Yeah, because he's in the glass bulbs.

He is in the glass ball.

That's a treacherous thing to do.

Climb that high anyway,
and then try to carry something down.

That's glass.

That would have been 45 feet in the air.

All weather vanes do
is show you the direction of the wind.

Right? That's what the weather.

That's all they do.

And they're really wind vane.

How on earth does can not know?

Well, if it's wet, it's raining.

So it is weather vane.

I guess.

How does can not hear this guy
climbing up the the side of the shed.

Plus, let's be honest.

Because she's a dainty girl.

Well, she's not dainty,
but she's very girly.


She's short Harper. Yeah.

The killer. Yeah, she's petite.

She is.

But still, I.

Just don't understand
why she goes for that

instead of something much more convenient
to kill Danny with.

I don't know either.

But I tell you what the biggest mystery
is, and it's called opening.

Danny, who has a foot fetish?


Can't pass the very specific shoe
recycling bin without looking in.

And apparently. In the public.

In the daylight.

Yep. And retrieves a pair
of the grossest slippers I've ever seen.

Got Madonna, had those slippers. Madonna?

Not the singer. Madonna. My mother.

Those are old monkey.

Lady. Slippers.

If they are even lady slippers,
I know they're not particularly feminine.

And we're not going to yuck your yum.

You know,
if you're if you're into feet, fine.

God love you. But.

But I don't think those manky nasty house
slippers are up anybody's alley.

I don't think the episode treats foot
fetishes all that nicely.

Yeah. Is kind of a punch line, isn't it?

Yeah, we'll get there.

So Danny's dead. The end?

No, there are a number of bins,
and I tried to figure out

what was on in each bin,
but I failed miserably.

But I did see the motto on the milk truck.

Did you see what the motto was?

I didn't bother because I knew you would.

It's very weird, because there is clearly
milk in the milk truck.

It is a little electric milk.

It's called a float.

I would actually love to have one of those
little electric trucks

I could bomb off to work perfectly
in one of those little electric trucks.

It says delivering
fresh eggs with a low carbon footprint.

But following milk.

A very different kind of eggs
in good man's land.

They come in the bottle
and they look like milk.

I guess.

I also tried to make out
what the 11 recycling bins are for.

There are plastic glass, paper
metal, clothing, shoes.

Okay. Compostable food waste. Wow.

One that just has generic
recycling arrows on it.

That's four dead bodies.

It is mid-summer. There should be one

with Danny's face on it,
and he should put his body in the bin.

That would be awesome. Yeah. The summary.
They missed. It.

The one I could not figure out
is one with a snowflake on it.

Well, that's where you put snow.

That's where you recycle ice. Yes.

Mystery solved.

And the label is green,
but it has a snowflake on it.

Well, I looked and looked tonight
and looked online.

I could not find a recycling bin
with the stuff like on it.

Well, in addition to those signs, we also
see the Goodman Land Chile Festival.

Now, this is not a Chile
eating festival as.

It's not a chile soup. Do.

That is Chile, right.

Which is Chile Konkani or Chile regular.

Yeah, right.

This is chili Peppers.

This is chili pepper eating contest.

And there is a Bonanza Cash prize.
There is.

How much do you think
the Bonanza Cash for.

25. Pounds. £25.

I'm going for you.

I think he's done very little.

And that's on Saturday,
the 5th of August, from 1130 to 3.

I think the anticipation for the festival

is a little bit
greater than the actual festival.

I have a question
about the festival. What?

There's a line on the poster.

I don't know if you saw it,
but it says, See how far you can get up

the scorch board where it's burnt
bagels on the scorched board.

There are some really dumb names

for hot sauce, but hotter than a burnt
bagel Takes the cake.

Burnt bagels are not that hot.

I mean, if you get it
right out of the toaster, maybe it's.

It's hot.

But that's not the.

Kind of temperature high.

Yeah, it's not Scoville Hot.

It's not capsaicin hot.

Medium is Danny's dad. Okay.

Danny is going for a run.

Yeah, in his headphones
that are not beats headphones

because they've got stickers on them
to cover that.

Up to cover the beats up, but they're
clearly beats headphones or knockoffs.

He gets killed.

Meanwhile, at home, Liam, his dad?

Yes, the former
reigning champion of the Chili Fest.


Who just does not care about it at all
anymore, is reading documents

that are supposedly
medieval Latin documents

that are not even part of a page
know of a document.

You know why their firm failed?

Because he can't read Because.

He's doing

all this document work
and his sons are playing with shoes.

And nobody can carry.

Their cows.

It's the document are like maybe folded up

letter like supposed to be folio size
and you'd fold them down to read them.

But they clearly go
off the edge of the page.

But it is a full width sentence
and instead it is wrapped around.

But he's looking at it
like he can read it.

And as near as I can tell,

it's basically the same line of text
repeated over and over again.

Yes, that I couldn't even make out
because I don't think it's real Latin.

No. If somebody else made it out,
let us know what you think it says.

That'll get you special maniac point.

Because I tried and I couldn't do it.

Later, we see even more partial pages.

Harlan has some
that are clearly just cut off at the edge

in the middle of the line.

And the text is so big.

was it all for blind people back then?

I don't.

I've never seen an illuminated manuscript
with text that's in like 35 point type.

It's a lot.

And I'm not giving it anybody on the
production crew point for those documents.

No, they are destroyed. Or the gravesite.

They've been arguing over which family
owns this village for how long.

And Liam
just now decides to take a rubbing

of the gravestone
that might reveal the name of the family.

It's Harville.

No, it's Harlan.

Harlan. No, it's Happy Days.

No, it's the Harpers. It's.

It's. It's going on. My daughter

Brian's got a special washing up liquid.

Yes, it's pomegranate.

It's bamboo.

Bark is what it is.

Bamboo ball.

I don't know why that tickles me so.

Much brand that they obviously created.

Bamboo bark as a word,
if you see, it is not that funny.

But as soon as you say it.


it just and this is funny.

Is boom, boom. Boom.

We have a language warning on the
beginning of this episode for, you know,

are you going to say boo boy.

What goes on at the eco park?

Nothing, as far as I can tell.

That map.

we'll get to the map with.

The map for the for the motorcycle.

There's the worst map in the universe.

It's a road and road and some words.

And we could see hotter than a burnt bagel

So Dixie to Bryan and Dixie.

Hey, Virgil
and their daughter Harper. Yeah.

Live in the pub and run the pub right now.

I don't think Harper helps at all. Try.

Julie Graham is Dixie.

Yeah. And Nathaniel Parker is.

The senior Parker
otherwise known as Lindley.

Yes. And he's in the Three Pines.

Yes, he's a match.

He's Come on.

And Julie Graham,
who was also in the Sicilian defense prior

episode of midsummer and is in the Queens
mystery and lots of other things.

And I got like, I love Julie Graham.

She's good Instagram followers if you want
to follow Celebrity, she's a fun lady.

Definitely does crazy stuff, but I think
they did her dirty in this episode.

I think she's ended and.

I think she had two days
and she said, I can do this in two days,

and that's all I got.

Well, she did it then. Yeah,
I think she's fine.

The last 15 minutes where her child is
being accused of murder.

She's not. There. She's not there.
But she's great.

Yeah. What she's in.

She is.

I love her.

She's in the Chess Face episode.

That's the Sicilian defense.


So she's drinking this hot
sauce all the time.

The hotter than a burnt bagel, hot sauce,
and I'm like, she's.

She's building up her tolerance for the
the contest, I guess.

What? So I looked it up. Yeah.

Guess what?

Well, you can build up your tolerance
to capsaicin by exposing yourself

to capsaicin.

Well, luckily, Arlo spent all of his life

to get as much capsaicin as he said.

Although, Yeah, let's talk about him
when we get to him,

because that you've got some good info

That blew my mind.

Can we just not
talk about the green stuff?

The health kick drinks?

it just makes me angry.
No, we just skip it.

We skip.

We don't know what to do with Sarah
in this area.

It's stupid. Yeah, okay. And Dan.

As this movie meister,
because I'm a smoothie meister now, I go.

yeah, I.

Got my own little coat and everything.

You make awesome smoothie.

I know that
I want to drink in the morning.

Yeah, that's a that's a poor smoothie.

You've never made one green smoothie.

No, not one. No. You make tasty.

I do my best.

As is in every village in midsummer.

There is an obsession
about one thing here in Goodman's land.

It's the environment.

So we have to have dueling
and environmentalists.

So Lana. And Ken. Yeah.

They're going to, like.

Do all.

Barometers at dawn or something.

She's really territorial. Yeah, she is.

And Harper used to be that way.

Yeah, she used to be an eagle.

But once she managed her first kill, she.

That's when she had brown hair.

Mark Okay, Now she's a blond.
so she's evil.

Well, I thought it was interesting.

She didn't use to wear any lipstick. Yes.

So nice ladies don't wear lipstick.

Somebody is taking pictures of her
getting into the Landrover.

Landrover after she rides her
super scooter over there. Yes.


in her
trench coat, so nobody recognizes her.


You got hot pink shoes on, lady.

And platinum blond.

Hair under your pink helmet.

Everybody knows it's you.

This is a Land Rover defender.

What was one of the selling points
of the Land Rover defender?

It chugged lots of gas.

No, it's gas economy.

well, but within what? So you.


It gets 27.7 miles per gallon.

That's not bad for a car that big.

Considering our car is a hybrid
and it gets 36

miles per gallon on the highway.

Yeah, that's not bad at all.

No, it's not to make. It's rusty.

Not our. Car.

But the fact.

Is, the Land Rover. Yes, our cars.

When I was like,
Did you do tell me something? No.

Have you.
Have you damaged my two year old car? No.

The fact that that car is probably
I think it's a 78.

That's impressive. Is it a diesel?

It may even be a diesel.

So it is not in a landfill

and not polluting all that much compared
to cars of that time.

Yeah. The funniest thing is.

That's probably why it's around.

If you have to drive a vehicle, drive
one of these,

they should have a bunch of smart cars

I guess they should
handle cute, smart cars.

Little smart car. Yep.

So then we find out that,

I remember the sound.

We both made a Texan's
come into by the village. Yep.

And we're like, great.

Here comes a British person
pretending to be American.

And even worse,
they're going to be a Texan.

But he's played by Corey
Johnson, who. Is an.

American, is American.

And does the accent just fine?

He's way over the top. But that's.

Supposed to be
he's supposed to be your. Man.

And call me Betty.

He's supposed to be smoke and mirrors
so people don't pay attention to Ken, but.

He's Rooster Harlan.

The third to crow out
the window is a bit much.

You think? Yeah.

He introduces himself

as Red Rooster or Harlan,
the third who names their kid Rooster.

Nobody. No.

Ken is staying at Birch Barn.

Yes, which is a nice little rental.

It's just a very nice.

Except for all the dead things.

And it's full of dead.

Which was another of our watch.
Like a maniac. Yes.

It's like whoever owns
the Airbnb said we need to add

a little character to this place.

Jenny, do you have some extra skulls?

Yes, Here they are.

I have a couple of antler animals
and an alligator skull.

Let's put that on the windowsill.

here's a fish for good measure.

Why it?

How many. Dead things can we. Fix it?

It's the Birch Cottage of death.

It's Doom Cottage.

Speaking of dead. So Zelda is a butcher.

He's been put out of business
because he didn't follow Bryan's rules.

Yes, there.

There are a couple. We.

We do this in a lot of episodes, right?

They clearly get everything
academic about Ken wrong.


But they also get everything about Arlo
the Butcher Wrong.

Aldo sorry, Aldo.

I keep wanting to call him Aldi

like the grocery store.

See, he's not Lupo the Butcher
because we know he swear. Yes.

No, he's Aldo.

Lupo, the butcher.

For those of you who don't know,

is a Canadian short from the eighties
that is full of swear words.

yeah. Which is incredibly hilarious.

Very funny and.

Gross at the same. Yes.

So now he's Aldo.

Aldo is going out of business, but he has
thousands of pounds to spend on cabs.

They said, We'll get to. That.

You keep hinting at it.

I think we know now it's expensive.

But the biggest agreement I found
and I hate going back to the beginning,

but the fact is, is that the runner
supposedly runs

the exact same route every day.

Danny and everyone who's ever run
more than a week

in their entire life
said, I'm going to change this route.

That's your biggest problem
with the episode?

No, I just noticed it because we got to
the point about academics being wrong.

he has to stop and climb over a turnstile
during his run.

Unfortunately, Harper's laying over it
like some kind of corpse in a sack.

He's a corpse.

It's a weird pose.

Like just hide in
that tall grass and jump out.

And it's got to.

Be an unwieldy weapon.
It's got to be heavy.

It's like copper or iron or something.

Is way more strong than she.

Like, she's super strong. So she kills.

She kills Doug with a rock.

Doggy With the rock.

Danny with the weathervane.

She she knives.

Liam Well, she spikes them. Yeah.

And then sticks them with something else.

Another spike
and then the capsaicin killing.

Yeah, but the first two, that,
that takes a month.


She's also a ninja. Yeah.

He climbs up the housing giant.

Ninja climbs up the house
because Ken doesn't hear her

and like, goes into into hide.

Now, I'm scared to say his name.

Aldo Aldo's house without being noticed.

Too tall.

Well, he's passed out.

He's drinking the the midsummer ale.

The, the cans of beer are the Costa
nailed cans.

That is the best prop in the.
But that's really well done.

If they don't exist, that they're.

Fantastically well. Done.

Can we talk about the village
for just a second?


Because Dixie and Bryan
have this conversation about Aldo.

Yes. And about the rules.

Yes. And I have problems.

And they mentioned
two other people, right?

They mentioned somebody.

I think there's there's
somebody has left their lights on

and somebody has used their hot
tub to back backup.


Aldo has been punished because his butcher
shop didn't conform to the rules.

Yes, that's right. So he's been shut down.

So not only has he lost his livelihood,
he's been banned from the pub quiz.

Which is scary.

And. But the destroyed paper
ration has been cut.

How can you do that?

Like he can just buy more toilet paper?

That's what I'm talking about.

They rule this village with an iron fist.

It's like there's a wall around it.

They control how much toilet paper
people have.

That's not right. No.

And so Brian talks about the 7:00 curfew
and you think,

everybody has to be in by 7:00.

That doesn't make any sense.

No, no, no.

All lights have to be turned off by 7:00.

That doesn't make any sense at all.

No, it makes no sense at all.

So what are people doing
sitting in the dark all night?

The productivity of this place
must be in the dumps.

Because when do they have the pub quiz?

I don't do in the after. For 7:00.

Apparently everything has to happen
before seven, I guess.

William sitting there with a candle
reading his medieval documents.

Soaking in somebody's tepid hot tub
because they're not allowed to run. It.

And then then they open packages,
which is right.

that is right out.

Talk about British postal controversy.

Well, so Dixie is it.

So we haven't talked about this yet,
I don't think.

But the entire country of Britain
is very upset.

We brought it up.

We brought it up over the Postal Service

with the postmark was being charged
with theft and going to jail.

Toby Jones's new series.

Mr. Bates Now, Yeah, the post office,
which is fantastic.

I can't wait for us to cover it.

I understand that in the village
like this,

they bring the mail to the edge
of the village and deliver in one place.

Yeah, I get that.

Usually a series of boxes. Yeah.

Usually there's mailboxes
on the edge of the village

and you have to walk there
and get your stuff.

And if you get a package,
it's in a special mailbox.

Like my brother doesn't get home
delivery. Right.

I get it. I understand that.

I understand
if they don't have those boxes

and so everything gets
delivered to the pub

and you go there and pick up your mail,

The boxes are in the pub.

You don't get to open them, Dixie.

Not get to open them.

That's what they're looking at.

I'm like, well, so-and-so's got this.

And so on, so receive
this. It's just awful.

I would move so fast.

Yeah, Sorry.

I really got under my skin.

Really got a little.

Loo roll control.

That's hard to say

loo. Roll control is right out.

To band and.

Though that might be a good name
for the episode Loo Roll control.

there's going to be lots of good names.

Okay, So they go and they talk to Liam
and they investigate his son's room.

And his awesome leather jacket.

He has his chair, He has.

Three leather jackets in this room.

Did you know
he was a motorcycle person? Yes.

He wants to ride motorcycles,

not solar motorcycles,

gas guzzling
environment, ruined motorcycles.

And after they find his hidden stash
of wooden of lady shoes, if they.

Were wooden shoes,
it'd. Be completely. Different.

I have a Dutch thing.

He's got a clog fetish.

What's that knocking sound?

Danny's got his shoes out again.

So many tulips in his room. Now.

Mark can't breathe.

just you.

All incredibly rude things
I can't say about it.

Nothing will change.

I'm just thinking.

You open his door expecting to find
a typical, like, mid-twenties

male bedroom, and instead it's

just a blue and white splendor, windmill,

windmills and little Dutch
girls and tulips and wooden.


And leather jackets and.

And no.

You can't ride a motorcycle
in wooden clogs.

You can't.

You just can't.

The world's worst map.

And I stared at that map.

First of all, everything that's on
the map is put there as little dots. Yes.

With no scale.

No scale, No.

We have the pub, we have the Echo Park,
and then we have the Hobbit

in Hobbit hole.

Tobin Tobit.

And it says Tobin's shack.

Tobin does live in a shack.

He lives in a shack.

But is that map worthy?

Speaking of. Then. Terrible legend.

Wait a minute.

So Tobit shack is on the map? Yes.

Because it has to be destroyed.

Yes, because he lives
in the way of the motorcycle track,

which this is an episode
that mentions foot fetishes.

And there's a character
whose name is Tobin Tobin.

I don't meet The Hobbit.

He does have big, hairy, dirty.

The track is on the map,
but it's nowhere near the village now.

And instead of a legend,
there's a giant motorcycle picture.

What do you need a legend for the
to represent stuff.


The lines are roads.

There you go. That's it.
That's all that's on it.

The thing I hate about this is it
looks like it was created

by a draft person.

Danny created it for his proposal. Okay.

To get funding for the track.
This is part of his

very polished professional proposal
for the motorcycle track.

Why sort, plug, print?

Why is
there a to a farm as part of the proposal?

Windmill It's just a mini golf course.

It's just all. Windmills.

But the real social media
star of this episode is Aldo,

because these people are eating up
his content.

He's angry. Yeah, people like angry.

They watch angry.

I read every single comment.

So three times we see people like
streaming and chat going by, right?

We see it now.

We see it later when Harper is streaming
on her social platform,

and then we see it in Jenny's
Fetish Shack. Yes.

And we looked at these pretty closely.

Really closely. Too closely.


Super says Super super.

Yep. Says hi.

All use a 2021

says please message me back
flow two as Rainbow's

JJ Rainbow as Heart's cool
x 760 do says bye.

Bye with.

A whole bunch of exes.

That's Tom.

That's Tom Barnaby.

it is, Yeah.

Because he says by Julia.

James says Hello.

XO xo XO Lola 11111 says Wah, wah,
wah wah. Wow.

These are the worst chatters ever.

They they are just.

Just vapid commentary here.

Yeah, it's just horrendous.

But, you know, somebody had to sit down

and come up with the usernames
for those people.

Yeah. What are they going to be?

So and they're going to be so glad
that somebody paid attention to you.

And I paid attention. Yeah.

Selfie freaks made all of these. Yes.

So, no, they're.

In that field
because they want a helicopter job because

supposedly Rooster
only arrives in helicopters.

Yeah, I have a problem
with how he arrives, but I was like,

the second mid-summer
helicopter possibility.

No, I just wondered if the helicopter
was going to look like a rooster.

That would be awesome.
You know those chicken cars?

There's a chicken car in. Indy,
but it'd be a chicken.

Helicopter to be a chicken helicopter.

Now, I need to do a search

for chicken helicopter.

Now, Danny shows up hurt.


Harlin shows up on a bicycle.


Pedaled all the way from Texas.

Now he says he has jet jetlag.

Did he bike all the way from.

From like, Gatwick?

That's a that's an inside joke for you
English nerds.

No, I'm sure his private jet
landed somewhere closer.

Okay, well, I'm sure Ken's private
jet landed somewhere closer.

And then he's cycled into the village.

And he finds the worst taxidermist ever.

Jenny, is that horrible taxidermist?

I thought it was kind of stupid.

The Jenny passes out
here, it's kind of like.


But then I realized what sign
she was putting on.

The Go Home rooster. Yeah.

So it's kind of expected
that she's a little surprised.

I don't think she cares
what he thinks at all.

What I don't understand
is why he catches her in his arms.

She doesn't really hit anything.

The most she might have done is twisted.

An ankle coming off or stepladder.

And yet when she's sitting in the pub,
she's got an ice pack on her head.

Yes. Why? I don't know.

Maybe if she didn't
wear heels with her overalls,

she wouldn't fall off the ladder.

you know why she's wearing heels for?

She goes into the pub.

The soup of the day is cauliflower
and Stilton, which.

Sounds. Good.

They also have three new well, three bar.

Three taps. Three taps.

God's Earth.

God's Earth, which is a new course to now.

And a constant joke. Yeah.

Throughout the whole episode.

Yep. Nordic spice.

Which we know Danny. Drinks.

Ha ha ha ha.

And Carsten Ale, What do you think
Nordic spice tastes like?

I don't know, but I did think about that.

Liar. It's got to. Wait a minute. Wow.

She comes out of nowhere
and is just screaming.

God. Yeah.

Harper is being the quintessential
obnoxious child.

my gosh.

I think it would smell taste like juniper

and sealskin


No, Holland is not Nordic.

Okay? No, it's not.

Now we're talking Scandinavian beer here.

Got to be Juniper and Sealskin.

So people say we're jilted
about watching Midsummer.

But I'd like you to know
I spent a good many minutes copying down

everything that was on the chalkboard
for the mixed drinks section.

Sharon Nerd.

What's a London. Cup?

I think it's like a mule.


They have Long Island
Iced tea to the Texan.

Doesn't order
that, though. He's getting Dodger.

Yeah, Harper's like lager.

And then Brian gets the envelope.

Hypocrisy lives

like nobody ever thought it was dead.

There's hypocrisy everywhere.

No evidence all the time.

No, you.

Didn't need to tell us that. Tobit.

We find out
that winter has a mouth of cold.

You can eat the chilis.

No problem. There's a good bar to me.

There is an unsubstantial created
by science claim that people with higher

testosterone levels
have higher resilience to capsaicin.

That's a bunch of bull.

So they're saying that winter
is manlier than Barnaby's.

I guess he's the man in the man.

He should have to wear his comic
book costume when he's eating chilies.

Yes, The hawk.

The eagle.

Is it the eagle?

No. Is this eagle, man? Eagle, man.

I can't remember. I get it confused with

Troy's golden eagle.

Yeah. Yeah.

So the whole reason why Harlan is actually
there is

because he thinks his family actually owns
Goodman's land.

Yes, And his ancestors own it.

And his younger brother Doug is missing

and went missing in Goodman's land. Yes.

He is not what he says he is.

No, he's not a billionaire Texan, nor
is can actually a PhD student from Tokyo.

I have a question about Ken.

And this led me to other questions.

So on the murder board,
they have a picture of Liam

from last year's
winner of the chili competition.

That's a reasonable reason
to have Liam as a picture, right?

They have a kind of head

and shoulders shot of the pub owners
that could come from their website.

Totally. Right.

Totally understand that Harlan has a
I think he has his bike

helmet on in one of them.
So they've taken that.

They took it right then and there.

But Ken, she's driving a car, a.

Convertible. A convertible.

And then it led me to the question of
how do you ask that?

We have a picture of our board, please.

No, you just stalk them online.

You stalk the suspects online
and find a picture of them.

Or if they're actors playing parts,
you grab one of their headshots.

okay. That's how you do it.

Or as in last episode
or a couple episodes ago,

you take a topless photo of a man
and put it on your mortarboard.

I guess I'm not a fan of social media.

Okay, I don't get the hall.

Harper can date no date thing.

We care about it.

The second time it happens.

I'm completely obsessed
with something else

and we'll get to it
when we get there. But.

But yeah, it seems.

It seems weird

that she is both hot to trot
and then not interested in him the least.

Well, he's not cool. Yes.

Dixie tells Aldo that he doesn't have
a chance in hell of winning the Chile.

What does that mean?

I think Katsu probably do. Okay.
And how really?

I mean, they're kind of chaotic,
neutral at best.

You know.

An ice cube, snowballs,
something like that.

Chance in hell, pretty bad.

Snow man's chance. And all of those.

Dudes talk about the clock
and he's all hat no cattle.

That just means you're fake.
Yeah, you're fake.

Dead rat. So. Okay.

Up. Jenny.

Dead animal.

Got to be Jenny.

Burnaby in winter in the back of the pub,

and Dixie comes out with the dead rat,
and they look at it.

It's weird.

And then they come into the pub
and know exactly what has happened.

There's some line cut there.

Yeah, I think so.

Because they're in the back.

Because the way of the second
live appointment,

which also has all the same people.

The same fans of anyone in Goodman's land.

They're all the same treats. Are you?

I love you, Big fan.

I love your page. Big fan.

I love your page. What is that?

No millennial
said that ever in their entire lives.

I just don't know how much overlap
there is between Gen Z

eco warriors
and middle aged woman Foot fetishes.

But the same people comment on BO.

It's nice to know that this is the point
where the writer said,

wait, we need an inciting incident.

Well, and Harper has to be more obnoxious.

She's already yelled Liar.

Yep, she already drove the Landrover.

But now she has to say
she was in a situation.


Yes, which makes you want to kind of
slap her.

And Danny was talking about cutting,

digging up tobit tippy toes.

Shaq did veto Shaq.

You know that
all the moments in a mystery show

or somebody turns around and goes,
it's you, or What are you doing here?

And they promptly die.

Yeah, a text that says Meet me at
the church is about the same thing.

That's a. Bad.
You don't do it. No, don't go.

And Aldo is choosing some chilies.

Now's your chance.

Tell us about your grand discovery,
about the juice.

So I went online to see
if I could buy some capsaicin.

Right, Because.

He's purchased some a great big bottle
and it's come in the mail.

Dixie opened the box
because she's nosy and breaks the law.

And we see just
how much capsaicin he's purchased.

How much do you think is in that bottle?

It looks like about a liter.

A liter? Yeah.


So 500 grams of this stuff.

Which is what, a tablespoon in a cup?

I don't know what they know.

It's half a liter is $692.

So this is our.

Drive to squeeze individual peppers
to get it. Out.

I don't know. So they have to milk
Hummers up.

This is around £1,000

and it's general industrial
or research purposes only,

typically not suited for human consumption
or therapeutic.


You Yeah,
they put capsaicin in and muscle rubs.


It provides the heat and the ac hot
and it's like that.

Yeah. Tiger bone has capsaicin.

Not for human consumption.

Don't eat it.


Get that big old syringe, too. Well,
he is.

He is a butcher. Why?

How many syringes do Butcher's use?

no. What are they doing?

I don't. I don't want to know.

So he's going to he's going
to inject peppers and then clip them in

for somebody to eat during the competition
because he's not allowed to compete.

Yeah. Who's he getting revenge on?

And I'm so glad that Dixie is just like,
No, like she shouldn't

have looked in his mail.

But I think even if she didn't
look at his mail and he showed up going,

These are the peppers to use.

She wouldn't want. Are.

Also if she's controlling the peppers and
she's trying to win the competition and.

It's held at her pub, it's a little.

Rigged, a little sus.

Never mind.

All those basket has seen better days.

You see how frayed and chewed up it is?

It's a nasty basket.

It's like.

The kind of basket
you would get bread in at a restaurant,

but it's been like stepped. On
or something.

Now, I've said some horrible things
about how this show

and all the shows we watch in particular
are horrible about academia.

But economic expansion of cobalt
in Uzbekistan

is the most actual like dissertation name
I've ever heard.

Yeah, yeah.

That's what dissertations are like.

And they do actually mine
for Cobalt in Uzbekistan.

So I looked at that.

It's because I'm a nerd.

Put a big L on my forehead,
but any kind of like,

but I'm running a pilot study in Good
Man's land before I go to Pakistan.

No No, no, they have nothing in common.

So Jenny heads to the shed of disrepute,

and winter is on the case.

Never mind Tobit.

Who is the most useless character
on the entire show?

He doesn't need to be there, except for
he has to have a house

that gets torn down.

Now he's an information provider.

Yeah, that's true, right?

He's one of those like Lorna is.

Talk to me and I'll tell you
more than you've asked me.

Yeah, because I know stuff that it would
be difficult for you to figure out.


Speaking of difficult to figure out,

winter is creeping up to the shed.

He's hearing weird sounds.

And it's not wooden shoes.

It's not wooden shoes.

And we hear what sound
sounds like very, very.

You know, really, really isn't.

Really, really F-word. No.

Now that Jenny is talking to her viewers.


Who she makes money from because they tip

her virtually
tip her right to give her money.


And when she does
what they ask her to, like taking her

shoe off or whatever, theoretically
they're going to tip her more. Yes.

So she's talking back to the screen.

And she's being like pouty sexual.
Yes. Yes.

Trying to induce more tit. Yes.

When she says this very controversial
things like.

Some controversial it was the first thing
we heard about this episode.

That there's an F-bomb in this episode.

She is not on screen.

So we have no opportunity,
No to read her lips. No.

Apparently a lot of people
get your bleep already think she says.

Really? Really? Yes.

I think.

And we'll tell you what we've done
to try to figure this out.

listeners. We've done a lot.

I think she says really, really hurt.

Hurt, hurt.

I think she's being pouty, being proud,

and saying, if you don't give me a tip,
I'm going to be really, really hurt.


She could also say really,
really hot in that vein.

I think it's hurt.

Okay. Well, I recorded the audio. Yes.

Mark does all of
our audio editing for the podcast, plus,

you know, engineers music
and has quite a bit of experience.

This I digitized
the audio and normalized the audio.

I then remove the sound
in the background of the audio.

You visualize the audio? Yes.

And it sounds like this now.

Really, really soft.

And to me it's clearly an F at the.

Beginning, so much
so that you recorded yourself saying

the F word and compared the visualizations
to see if the.

Yes, it's clear.

Which is a by label fricative. Yes.

If you've ever taken linguistics class
which I had to your teeth on your lips.

We also had the children listen to this.

With their backs turned without telling
them what we thought she was saying.

Yeah, they were split.

Yeah, everybody is split.

I think that split is intentional.

It is fact checked.

I think you're giving them
too much credit.

I think it'll be really difficult
to deliver a line like that.


I'm going to call out the the actress

and if she if Helen Lederer ever wants to
come on the episode, we will.

Gladly just send us a tweet or Facebook
message or Instagram or whatever.

Email, whatever. Yeah.

What does it. Tell us what it says?

Yeah, but I'm telling you
what you hear is f is a it's hurt.

So this is what we would like you.

This is what we want you to do.

That's the best part.

So you watch the.

Scene for the first time and you're like,

What did you just say
what I think she says.

And then you see on screen or the chat
going by, Yeah.

Some guy. Called Oliver Watts just go.

Fade with exclamation point.


What do you think you were watching?

It's like he's saying, dear.

Yeah, exactly.

Bam! Boob.

One of our watch like a Maniacs was.

Who wants to marry Jenny?

The awful taxidermist. Just know me 99.

Just know me 999 is the one who says,
Will you marry.

Your incredible
marry me? And then, Oliver.

What says

you're still reeling from
What did she just say?

And then you're. Like, thi.

You f you, you, you, you, you have c says,
I really like what you.

Offer. That person's very serious.

I would like a refund.

I would like a refund.

Maybe she's saying, really really?

Feet, three feet.

So what we want you to do is tell us
what you think she's saying there.

We've biased you
by telling you what we think.

The best part would be
if you could record and send us your.

Assessment of what you hear.

Of what you hear.

Just an audio little file.

You can just use the memo
app on your phone and email it to us

or whatever, but I would love to know
what other people hear.

It's like that Yanny Laurel idea.

Yeah, whatever you've been told, it says
that's what you hear at least initially.

Or the dress.

Is it black and silver, blue and gold.

So we've already biased you a little bit,
but we would love to know what you think.

So she says they talked to her.

Everybody in the village
had to try new things.

We find out that.

She used to run the garage.

She used to repair cars.

Right now everybody's got a scooter.

Yeah, she's out of work.

So she's tried her hand
at really bad taxidermy, and.

She's making bucks.
She's making bucks with her feet.

And Danny, then in the most self abusive

way, is suing her so that her foot
fetish stuff doesn't come out.

Why doesn't she just blackmailing her?

Hey, hypocrisy lives.

sorry. That's right.

She lives here. That's.

I forgot about that. Apparently.

He was keeping a note.

I'm glad Aldo didn't go this.

What feet would it have been?

His feet.

Cower. Big three, little.

Piggy feet free.

Tobit, I need your camera.

Do you have pictures on here
from three years ago? Yes.

Do I need to blow them up?

I never cleared the memory card.


It's not eco friendly
to clear the memory card.


Ken's coffee is mesquite flavored.

And that just makes me kind of go.

But yeah.

It's like if they said it was Nordic.




And then we come to the chili
eating contest.

And the giant gross ice cream cone.

It looks like a bloody brain inside
bloody brain.

It was one of our wives like a maniac.

I don't know why it's there. It's a pub.

Why is there a bloody ice cream
cone there.

I don't.

Our brain on a stick or whatever
it's supposed to be.

It's supposed to be an ice cream cone.
It's really ugly.

All those deaths is spectacular.

He does die.

He does a great job.

We don't usually give President prize
prizes out for dying, but he does it.

It's an all timer. Yeah. Yeah, it's good.

Never mind the fact that even touching
that thing wouldn't make you ill.

But it's injected, so it's on the inside
and nobody will ever notice.

I'm feeling it was a tiny, chilly.

Like, if he squeezed it, capsaicin
would have shot out the hole that he

used to inject it

like a little tiny water gun.

But deadly.

So there's a part here with Lorna
and Ken where one Ken

is talking to Barnaby in that in the cabin
in the very next scene,

he's in a completely different outfit
talking to Lana.

I think that seems in the wrong order.

I don't know if it's in the wrong order,
but it's cut together, wrong

continuity wise.

And then did
you see the kid who walks him?

No, It's like some teenage kid
just out of nowhere.

I don't know why he's there.

He's just. Eating peppers.
No, he's not eating peppers.

He never shows up anywhere else.

he was like, kid walk behind him.

Yeah, but then did you see what Ken does
when when he gets

turned down, he kicks rocks.

Why did actor.

Hey, you can't even let it out, you know?

So you kick. Rocks.

So the flags on the jellies,
Did you see what they said?

You asked me this.

You know, I don't because I don't look,
because I know you will say it over

and over again.

Is it words? I didn't pay any attention.

So one of them says
Dixie's little red chilies.

so she breeds the chilies, too,

and runs the chili contest
and owns the pub that hosts it.

And she thinks she's going to win.

Well, she's.

Well, she goes through people's mail.

They have. To mark hypocrisy lives.


They run this village.

The flag is the better one.

They are Liam's great balls of fire.

Great balls of fire.

Those are hotter than a burnt bagel.

They're eating dead.

Liam's peppers at this thing.

Slap my thigh and call me Betty.

They find out that Ken is not Ken.

He's actually Nico Carbone. Yes, right.

Because Ken is a completely different
person. Yes.

Studying at the University of Japan
or Tokyo or whatever.

And then they find out that Harlan
isn't exactly what he says he is either.

He's been fined and basically lost to
the oil company and all that good stuff.

but he's on the board of this organization

and we see the other board members,
and here's where I get to be a liar,

because I did look at this text.

Yeah, I read the names.

Ted Addison, Ilene Garland, Mateo Perez.

And David Jo.

David Jo.

Who is the monkey on the board? Yes.

The member of the monkeys is actually Davy

Could have been.

Whose locker is on the board?

I went with Monkey David Jones is the end.

Yeah. Ted says he's not a people person.

He runs a major corporation.

Is a billionaire.

I don't think he's a
I think he's a people person.

He could be one of those
really smart people who starts a company

and then hires
the people who deal with other people.

Maybe he does a good job
of being awfully kind of shy and reserved.

He does. A little awkward.

As opposed to Bryan,

who figures everything out
and then becomes sneaky, makes sneakers.

Then he needs like a little mustache
to do.

So he's he's figured it out.

He knows that his daughter's the killer.

Now he at least knows she's involved.

And for.

Some reason, he.

Knocks winter out.

He knocks winter out.

How is that going to save her?

And I love how he talks to the person
inside the church and then

is like, there's no one.

There's nobody in there.

I don't know.

It is fantastic
acting as a person who is acting bad.

Yeah, you should go look somewhere else.

There's nobody in there.

Nobody. No, no, no body.

See what I said there?

No one has ever gone in there. Ever.

It's cold in there, though.
Like it's winter.

I say that there's nobody in there. No.

So Doug had figured out that
he owned the land?

Yeah, because he's a Harlan, and.

He figured out that he loved Lana.

Lana loved him
because she gave him an ultimatum.

What a horrible situation for Lana.

She gives him an ultimatum
and he disappears the next day.

It must have been so painful for her.

Because I do
think she really cared about him.

No, but he'd had a fling with Harper.

I don't think he was a really good guy.

No. Plus, his name was Doug.

So Harper. Already sat.

In the before the lobster.

He doesn't show up in the third
period to play wax.

That's a hockey joke.


Whacks him on the head
with a with a big rock.

So that's her first call.

She kills four people,
the last one on accident.

Then she buries him under a firepit. Yes.

By Tobit house.

She is amazing.

Like she kills Danny with a weathervane.

Yeah, Liam, with the water,
with a rain meter.

Spiky thing, which in his face first.


Like she stabbed him, like,
12 times in the face.


Then puts a spike in his neck.

I mean, it's not like.

This is an awful way to kill somebody.

What other ways could you kill people
with recycling or climate change things?

You could put him in one of those
cardboard, cardboard compressors.

See, that's a midsummer.

Way to go.

Or bury them in the compost pile.

it's really hot in there.

You know, in the compost pile.

Could have.
Fleur would make all sorts of jokes

if she had to
dig through the complex pile.

I think they missed out.

There or even better.

Do you want to cover up your crimes?

You could upcycle the body. Yes.

Like Frankenstein. Exactly.

Who's that new person in town?

He has talbott's feet.

But Ryan. Said.

And. Clogs.


We've been upcycling our bodies.

So there's a big reveal in the discussion
in all this

that happens in the church,
which has no dixy in it.

The last 15 minutes of this episode,
Dixie is just not anywhere in the episode.

But what about the irony of Aldo
being killed by one of his own peppers?

Yes, he's absolutely
killed by one of his own peppers.

So Harper Spikes the
that are meant for Harlan? Yes.

Which I don't think she could do

because they don't
even have a full set of contestants.

How does she know
that's where Harlan is going to set?

She's a Ninja. Pepper.
Ninja, Pepper Ninja.

But then he dies from his own capsaicin

Yes, because. Spectacular.

Because I think she puts a little bit
more into the pepper than he would have.

I think. So he was just trying.

I think.
I think he was just trying to make it hot.

So that's not too bad of a death,
but a rock to the head.

I went there vein to the chest
and a rain meter to the face.

There's no way
that she could have killed Doug

with the way
that she throws the rock at him.

At first, she either buried him alive
or hit him again with a rock.

She is absolutely horrendous.

Her heart is broken.

First love.

okay. But all of that's fine.

What we need to discuss in
this scene is Nathaniel Park.

Brian's face.

Because she's.

We've got a screenshot of it.

That he is buried underneath this shack.

And it almost looks like Nathaniel
Parker is going.

my lord.

You know how when you're about to laugh
really, really hard,

but you're in a situation
where you really shouldn't

and the only thing you can do is cover
your face to hide that you're laughing

and let only your eyes show
That's the face

that he makes the first time
they show him.

At the second time it.

Looks like he is laughing his ass off.

The second time his eyes are teary.

Yeah, he looks like he's covering his face
because he's.

A separate actor.
But that both we that the.

First shot though.

When we see mostel's lost.

Cause it looks like he's. Like he she.

Says he's buried under the firepit
and it looks like he's going

I need to.

my God.

my God.

I need to put in the real that face.

And they did.

They just say enough. Good.

because that's the face.

Yeah, exactly.

Then there's a stupid competition
at the end of the episode.

It's useless,
even though many people have died.

Yeah, but they get those peppers
right off the plant

so they can't be poisoned, right?

No, because.

Needles don't go into that.

Are still on plants. This is so funny.

It's super. Good
that mass killer has been caught.

And that

she's a young woman who had her whole life
ahead of her and is clearly very broken.

And apparently a bad relationship
with her mother because she was like,

she's in the church doing mom,
no, that's not important.

I'm going to keep drinking this hot sauce
that's hotter than a bagel.

This must be talking about
after the credits. Yes.

Break Brian and Dixie. Yeah.

So what does this village become?

I don't know.
It used to be an eco village.

Well, I think Ken and Lana take it over,
because I think Ken and Lana

are a perfect couple.

Yeah, Like I know she is source of him,
as she should be.

But once she finds out he's an ego minded
billionaire, she's going to warm to him.

you think?

I think so too.

Maybe Harlan and Jenny get to hook up.

I think so.

He would support her foot fetish,
and he's probably better at taxidermy.

Yeah, he's from Texas, after all.


Slap my thighs and call me Jenny.

What about Tobit?

Well, Tobit knows
now that he's living on haunted Earth.

Now, he'll probably just plant a tree.

Of him in his bare feet on the camera.

He doesn't take.

Pictures with his toes.

The only thing worse than bare feet
is socks.

You're really not a foot person.

No, you're an anti foot person.

Not a foot.


Who's the best corpse, Danny, Liam
or Aldo.

Danny's pretty good with that pig sticker
in the weather.

Sticker? Yeah, the car tax sticker.

It's a weathervane with a chicken.

But they all go because.

Of that. I'm sorry I found that funny.

You didn't.

You just kept going,


she's broke. And I'm just going.

I'm just going to plow through and
just kind of keep talking and keep going.

I'm just going to talk about it.

Although, although death is good.

But is he the best?

I'm going to give it to Danny.


Because he's got to be impaled in there
and is non beat

with a weathervane in his chest.

He did not roll as Dexter.

He Jack either.
He could easily dodge that.

But I think Liam
and all those deaths are better.

Yeah, but their corpses are not better.

that is a climate.

Of we are now for the third time,
completely out of Midsummer's.

Yeah, Again, as.

Far as we know,
there will be filming soon.

The next series.

There's everything to indicate.

This, but no indication that it won't be
released any earlier than next winter.

No. And this will be season 25.

It would not stun me if I was.

In last season.

Said this was the.

Last 25 years is a pretty good run.

It's a pretty good run.

People have been asking online
why there's only four episodes,

mostly because most of the of the shows
are four episodes, right?

Because they're minutes long.

They're movies. Yeah.

They're making four movies in
I think eight weeks is their schedule,

which is insane.

That's insane. That's really busy.

So the next thing that we're going to do
will keep this nice and short.

The next thing we're going to do
is jump back into season

one of Father Brown, where we left it,
which is episode nine.

The mayor and the Magician. Yes.

Will finish season one of Father Brown.

And before we finish, it looks like you
what we're going to do next.

The last.

Episode decided the. Blue Cross.

Yeah, we've got two more episodes and.

will take us to the 12th of February.

And I can confidently say
that both of these father browns are good.

They're fun.

Neither of them is soul
sucking like that one than we had to skip.

Yes, that's
fine. Yes, we're doing with them.

We're going to do something after that
and then March and April,

we're going to the split over
those two months will be taking a break.

Then just a little break.

Well, three weeks we got to break.

So but before then, lots of craziness
to come.

Lots of maniac stuff to get through.

Absolutely. All right. Until then, if.

You have any thoughts or comments
on what we should cover next.

Yeah. You're free.

What do you think?

Jenny said.

Yes. Please tell us what you think.

Jenny said.

Was it for art. Or.

Hurt or.


Maniacs? Pie maniacs.

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Maniacs podcast.

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Be very really really funny.

Maybe she's Scandinavian.

That's kind of what I'm wondering now.

And get burned.

You're really, really free.

There's your outtakes.

There we go.

The Swedish chef. And now we're warmed up.

Creators and Guests

Sarah Smith-Robbins
Sarah Smith-Robbins
Co-host of Mystery Maniacs
Episode 192 - Midsomer Murders - "A Climate of Death" - Loo Roll Control
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